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Nonwoven 2500mm 2000gsm thermal bonding production line mattress wadding Product Description The thermal bonding production line uses to low-melt or bi-component fibers mixed with normal fibers in properties to create stiff waddings, or such as foam replacements for cushion, mattresses, acoustic and insulation felt, etc. Also able to make soft wadding for interlinings such as home textiles, garments, furniture, toys etc. The material after forming into a batt is passed through a thermal-bonded oven with stainless steel or Teflon belt dependent on the products. Where fitted the top belt is a moveable compression belt. Characteristics: The glue-free waddings produced by this machine unit is replacement of sponge, used forexclusive mattress, sofa cushion, tatami, filtering material and acoustic feltetc. The glue-free waddings dryer adopts stainless steel chain plate structure. Technical specifications - - - - Working width | 2500mm | Production weight | 60-1500gram/m | Production thickness | 3-200mm | Heating method | Hot oil circulation,electricity heating,direct burning | - - - - Our quality and warranty: 1. Selected component suppliers: SIEMENS, INA, TWB and etc. 2. TQM for each production procedure 3. Turnkey project : installation and commissioning 4. Spare parts in one-stop solution 5. One year warranty period Picture of machine FAQ Q1: Im interested in your products, but now Im out of China; could you offer your machines to my country? A1: Sure! Weve got full exportation experience, and no matter where you are, we may arrange the delivery for you by sea. Q2: What product is this machine making? And what's the application of the product? A2: This machine is making nonwoven needle punchingfabric. Nonwoven needle punchingfabricis used forSynthetic leather, Felts, Automotiv interiors, Interlinings of shoes and cloths, Carpets, Agricultral warm shed covers, filter materials, Interlinings of mattresses and sofa, scouring pads etc. Q3: what's the min. and max. product weight? A3: The min. weight of airlaid paper is 60gsm, the max. weight of airlaid paper is 3000gsm Q4: what's the min. and max. product width? A4: The min. width of airlaid paper is 2000mm, the max. width of airlaid paper is 3500mm Q5: What is your manufacture lead time for our order? A5: Our normal lead time is 90-120 days. If you have urgent request, please just let us know. We will try our best to shorten the lead time to meet your requirements. Q6: How can I release the payment to you? A6: We can receive your payment by Bank Account, Western union or others.
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