Portable 4 Led Clip On Reading Light For Music Stand Bendable Gooseneck Design

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Portable 4 Led Clip On Reading Light For Music Stand Bendable Gooseneck # SUPER BRIGHT 4 LED BULBS- Designed 4 LED Bulbs, 2 brightness modes and 1 switch button behind. # EASY TO USE:Sturdy clip acts as a stable base, allowing the light to stand on its own, as well as attach to a book, shelf, cupboard, or computer. # MULTIPLE FUNCTION POWER OPTIONS: require 3AAA batteries(NOT INCLUDED)or USB rechargeable it can go where you go.You can take it everywhere, flexible arms make it easy to fold up in order to store compactly in your computer bag, handbag, or traveling bag; the Firefly is ideal for kids and adults, at night or when traveling (planes, trains, cars...) # FLEXIBLE:Portable & bendable gooseneck lets you position the light exactly where you want it and keep it there # PROTECT EYES:Natural and Non-flickering light. Clip On LED Reading Light with 4 LED extra-bright lamps in 2 adjustable and flexible arms can give out soft light. Lightweight and portable design With adjustable brightness modes, portable, warm lighting.The pleasure of reading, playing, working, will increase and be combined with the pleasure of a comfortable atmosphere. Specifications: - - - - Brand | SINOHAMM | Part Number | YL-SJ-A14 | Item Weight | 4.5 ounces | Product Dimensions | 3.5 x 1.8 x 7.9 inches | Material | ABS | Type of Bulb | LED | Color | Black | Finish | Glossy | Number of Leds | 4 | Included Components | Batteries included | Battery capacity | 1000mAh | Voltage | 5 volts | Fixture Features | Instant On | Shade Color | black | Light Direction | Up/Down Light | Power Source | Corded-Electric, Battery | Switch Style | Push button | Working Wattage | 3 watts | CRI | 80 | Color Temperature | 6000K-6500K | Charging time | 2 hrs | Discharge time | 10 hrs at Full Brightness, 20 hrs at Half Brightness | Button function | 50%-100%-off | Accessory | USB cable | Life Expectancy | 10000 hours | - - - - Package Included: 1x 1 Arm Clip-on Lamp 1x USB cable What are the advantages of LEDs? LEDs offer a variety of advantages to lighting professionals and ultimate beneficiaries of LED lighting systems from creative individuals to innovative businesses to visionary cities and countries: High-levels of brightness and intensity LEDs generate high lumen output, ensuring brightness of white and color light. Exceptional range Color, dynamic color, and tunable white-light LED luminaires can produce millions of colors or color temperature ranges extremely accurately without gels or filters. Energy-efficiency LED lighting can be 5x more energy-efficient than incandescent and halogen sources cutting costs while lowering environmental impact. Low-voltage and current requirements LED lighting systems offer simple, flexible installation and use. Low radiated heat Since LEDs don't emit infrared radiation, they can be installed in heat-sensitive areas, near people and materials, and in small spaces where collected heat might be dangerous. High reliability LEDs can operate in colder temperatures and withstand impact and vibrations, making them suitable for extreme environments or areas that are difficult to access. LEDs have no moving parts of filaments that can break or fail. No UV rays or infrared radiation Because LEDs do not emit harmful UV rays that can degrade materials or fade paints and dyes, they're ideal for use in retail stores, museums, and art galleries. Long source life LEDs offer a significantly longer useful life than conventional light sources, which reduces the cost an inconvenience of maintenance and replacement. Easy control LEDs can be digitally (and automatically) controlled for maximum efficiency and flexibility.
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