Eco Friendly BOPP Laminated Bags , Agricultural Plastic Bags Moisture Proof

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25kg Eco Friendly BOPP Laminated Bags For Packing Rice Fertilizer Flour Feed


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Item | Bopp Laminated Woven PP Bags |
Raw Material | 100% new virgin PP and PE or as your request |
Color | All kinds of color or as the customers' requirement |
Printing | Offset printing or laminated printing with double sides or single |
Lamination | BOPP/OPP film, Matt film ,Pearl film |
Width | From 300-800mm or as the customers' requirement |
Length | As the customers requirement |
Mesh density :(sq.inch) | 8x8.9x9.10x10.11x11.12x12.14x14.18x18or as your requests |
Denier | 500D to 1500D |
Weights/m2 | 60g/sq.m to 120 g/sq.m or as the customers' requirement |
Treat | As the customers' requirement |
Surface Dealing | Anti-slip or plain |
Top mouth | A. heat cut B. hemmed; C.valve |
Bottom | Single/double fold and single/double stitched ; square bottom,heat seal with paper |
Gusset | Side gusset or bottom with or without (8-300px on both |
Lamination | Yes |
Liner | Coated or with liner bag for moisture proof |
Usage | Widely used for packing wheat flour ,rice ,agriculture fertilizer ,animal feed ,seed, chemical, sugar ,sand ,cement and agriculture products etc |
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Although [polypropylene/pp] is lightweight, it also represents a surprising amount of strength and durability. On a pound per pound basis, products made with pp are about three times stronger than those made with steel, and when woven into a fabric it creates a lightweight, durable material with applications in many industries.

Cost effective, economic, anti tear, anti slip, and durability are major [benefits for PP Woven bags]. All this, while meeting your flexible packaging needs. PP Woven bags are tear resistant, minimizing or eliminating product loss and waste.

BOPP Film:
A Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene (B.O.P.P) film can be printed with a photographic quality and then adhered to a woven pp bag, which means 3-layer structure: fabric, lamination, BOPP film. Easy open feature. Bags for pet food, animal feed, rice, etc.

Laminated or Coated:
A lamination is a thin coating of poly film which is adhered to either the inside or outside of the pp woven bag giving the fabric a resistance from humidity, also improves the fabric properties. Bags fro chemical products, fertilizer, etc.

Sealed liner made of H.D.P.E. or L.D.P.E. Plastics can be inserted and sewn into the top hem of the bag. This prevents the liner from collapsing into the outer bag when filling with product and helps the egress of moisture.

# PP woven bags are widely used for packing.
# Food Area: such as sugar, salt, flour, starch.
# Agriculture Area: as grains, rice, wheat, corn, seeds:flour,coffee Beans, soybeans.
# Feed: pet food, pet litter, bird seed, grass seed, animal feed.
# Chemicals: fertilizer, chemical materials, plastic resin.
# Load Bearing: 5kgs,10kg, 20kg, 25kg,50kg request.

Products Advantages:
# Superior strength over paper bags-high tensile strength
# Unlike paper bags, BOPP bags don't break or bust, so lower overall costs
# Highest printing quality that cannot be scratched or rubbed off
# Excellent for marketing purposes, especially in the competitive retail sector
# Resistance to UV light
# High gloss and easy to keep clean on shelf space
# Fewer layers than paper typically, thus reducing weight and freight costs.

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