25 Kg 50 Kg Poly Woven Bags For Soybean Packaging Gravure Printing

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25 kg 50 kg Poly Woven Bags For Soybean Packaging With Gravure Printing


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Item | 25 kg 50 kg Poly Woven Bags For Soybean Packaging With Gravure Printing |
Raw Material | 100% new virgin PP and PE or as your request |
Color | All kinds of color or as the customers' requirement |
Printing | Offset printing or laminated printing with double sides or single |
Lamination | BOPP/OPP film, Matt film ,Pearl film |
Width | From 300-800mm or as the customers' requirement |
Length | As the customers requirement |
Mesh density :(sq.inch) | 8x8.9x9.10x10.11x11.12x12.14x14.18x18or as your requests |
Denier | 500D to 1500D |
Weights/m2 | 45g/sq.m to 120 g/sq.m or as the customers' requirement |
Treat | As the customers' requirement |
Surface Dealing | Anti-slip or plain |
Top mouth | A. heat cut B. hemmed; C. valve |
Bottom | Single/double fold and single/double stitched ; square bottom, heat seal with paper |
Gusset | Side gusset |
Lamination | Yes |
Liner | coated or with liner bag for moisture proof |
Usage | widely used for packing wheat flour ,rice ,agriculture fertilizer ,animal feed ,seed, chemical, sugar ,sand ,cement and agriculture products etc |
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Woven polypropylene sacks combine the advantages of strength and light weight. This makes woven polypropylene bags the ideal packaging solution for many different products, examples include rice, grass seed, logs, nuts and bolts, peat, confidential waste, waste paper and coal or smokeless fuel. Woven polypropylene bags (also known as pp bags or polypro bags or standard woven polypropylene sacks) usually hold between 10kg and 50kg.

LANSU woven polypropylene bags and sacks are available from stock in a range of sizes from 31 x 46cm to 80 x 150cm.

LANSU woven polypropylene bags are all manufactured to the highest degree of accuracy. This ensures our polypropylene bags and polypropylene sacks are ideal for use in any form of automated process.

Advantages of PP woven bags
# PP woven bags are made of 100% virgin polypropylene.
# With UV, the durable time can be extend to more than 1600 hours.
# Heat/ Wave/ Cold Cut or hemmed top as customers' requirements.
# Flat or Anti-Slip Weaving with coated or not.
# Ultrasonic sewing or one/double sewing by thread.
# Printing up to 9 colors on one or both sides.
# Production capacity of 200 tons bags per month , delivery time is guaranteed.
# Make to order as per customers' requirements.

With BOPP film colored and combined with normal plastic bags, they are beautiful and also have a waterproof, moisture-resistant function. With our computer 8-color printing configuration equipment, color printing is accurate.

Types Of Bopp Laminated PP Bags:
# BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags Single Side,(only one side Printed Bopp and / or other side Flexographic Printing)
# BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags Both Sides,(Both Side Printed Bopp)
# BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags with Gussets,(Centre Gusset or Off Centre Gusset)
# BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags with Liner,(Inside liner loose or bottom stitched)
# BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags with Perforations,(Perforation on the Sides for aeration)
# BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags with Handles and D-cuts,(For easy lifting and mobility)
# BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags with Window,(Transparent window either on the sides or front / back for visibility of inside packed product)
# BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags with Top Hemming,(Allows opening easily)
# BOPP Laminated PP Woven Valve Bags.(Facility for on line Packing)

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