DVI To VGA Converter Box Support DDWG Standard For DVI Compliant Monitors

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DVI to VGA Converter Box Supports DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors

1 . Introduction

The DVI to VGA format converter converts digital DVI/RGB signal to analog PC RGB signal. It allows you to connect the DVI output from PC or Video equipments to the HD-15 VGA input of the transitional monitors. Its high band width capability supports a wide range of PC and HDTV resolutions.

2 . Features

1. Connects computers with DVI-D connectors to analog VGA monitors or projectors.

2. Supports up to 1600x1200 @60 for PC input and 1920x1080p@60 for HD input.

3. Supports DDWG standard for DVI compliant monitors.

3 . Specification:

Input: DVI-I connector.

Input signal: Digital RGB data bit stream

Compliant with DVI Rev1.0

Output: Analog HD-15 ( RGB HV )

Output signal:

RGB: 0.7 Vp-p 75 ohm

H+V: 3 to 5 Vp-p

Operation frequency: up to 165MHz

Input/Output resolution:

PC:VGA@60,VGA@72,VGA@75,VGA@85 SVGA@60,SVGA@72,SVGA@75,SVGA@85 XGA@60,XGA@70,XGA@75,XGA@85 SXGA@60,SXGA@75,SXGA@85,UXGA@60 1152@70,1152@75,1152@85

HD/RGB:480i@60,576i@50,480P@60,576P@50,720P@60,720P@50,1080i@60,1080i@50,1080P@60, 1080P@50,1080P@30,1080P@25,1080P@24

Dimension (WxHxD): 84 * 28 * 100mm

Power: 12V 500mA~2A Center-positive

4 . Operation Controls and Functions

Front Panel Rear Panel

1) DVI-I input connector: This input connector accepts DVI-D signal from DVI source equipment, such as PC with DVI Graphic card or DVD with DVI out. It does not accept analog RGB signal.

2) Power LED.

3) 12V DC power input.

4) HD-15 D-sub PC output: This output connects to the PC D-sub input of your PC monitor, Projector, LCD or PDP display unit.

5 . Connection and Installation

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