4K VGA Video Converter Box Support USB Movie / Picture / Music Playback

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ALL TO HDMI 4K VGA Video CONVERTER BOX Support USB movie, picture and music playback

1. Introduction

ALL TO HDMI 4K CONVERTER BOX converts CVBS, YPbPr, VGA, HDMI and USB media to 720p and 1080p high definition 4k HDMI output. Respective stereo audio input is achieved for CVBS, YPbPr and VGA. Converter Box makes it convenient to connect such as DVD player, game player, Set-top box, PC and USB device etc. video sources. All inputs will be converted to high definition output. Excellent picture quality provided by the integrated noise reduction, advanced color process engine, dynamic luminance control, gamma control and 3D video decoder features.

2. Features

# # 1x CVBS, 1xYPbPr, 1xVGA, 2x HDMI and, 2x USB inputs
# USB movie, picture and music playback
# 1280x1024,720p,1080p and 4K HDMI output
# PAL, NTSC and SECAM color systems supported
# -5% to +5% display ratio range control
# Auto Detect function (except USB)
# Brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, hue control
# Soft, Standard, Bright and Personal 4 preset picture modes
# Picture mode setting saved for respective source
# Geometry control for VGA input with auto tune function
# Capture USB picture and save as user defined logo
# Volume control
# Remote control
# Standby mode

Input formats

CVBS: PAL, NTSC, SECAM with stereo audio input

YPbPr: 1080p@50/60Hz, 1080i@50/60Hz, 720p@50/60Hz, 576i/p, 480i/p with stereo audio input


640x480@60Hz, 800x600@60Hz, 1024x768@60Hz,

1280x1024@60Hz, 1280x720@60Hz, 1360x768@60Hz,

1440x900@60Hz, 1680x1050@60Hz, 1920x1080@60Hz with stereo audio input

HDMI: 480i to 4K2K@30Hz

USB: MPEG, H.264, RM/RMVB movie decode, JPEG, BMP, PNG

Picture decode and MPEG1/2, MP3 audio decode

3. Package Contents

- - - -
IR Remote | 1pcs |
User manual | 1pcs |
5V/2A DC Power Supply Adaptor | 1pcs |
- - - -

4. Panel Functions

Part 1. IR: IR Receiver window (accepts the remote control signal of this device only).

Part 2. LED: The LED will illuminate blue when the power is on, red when it is in 'Standby' mode.

Part 3. DC POWER INPUT: Plug the 5V/2A DC power supply into the DC 5V power in.

Part 4. Digital audio output: The coaxial output is connected an audio amplifier.

Part 5. Component and audio input:Connect a DVD (YPbPr) source to the YPbPr IN RCA connector.

Part 6. CVBS and audio input : Connect a composite video source (for example, a composite video player) to the CVBS IN RCA connector.

Part 7. HDMI INPUT:Connect to HDMI sources such as DVD player /Blu-ray player for both video and audio signal conversion.

Part 8. VGA INPUT:Connect a computer (RGBHV) source to the VGA IN video input D-Sub 15pin HD connector.

Part 9. HDMI OUTPUT:Connect the HDMI output connector to an HDMI equipped (for examples, TVs or monitors).

5. Setting

Remote controller

Power: Enter standby mode or re-enter normal mode

Source: Pop up source menu, press Up/Down button to select and press OK button to enter

USB: Enter USB source directly

Picture: Soft, Standard, Bright and Personal picture mode selection

Ratio: Adjust display ratio, -5% to +5% range can be set

Navigation buttons: Left, Right, Up and Down to navigate menu items or USB media files, press OK to enter

OK: Confirm and enter selection

Menu: Pop up main menu, press Menu button again to return

Exit: Close Menu or exit USB playback mode

Vol-: Decrease volume

Vol+: Increase volume

Output: Set 1280x1024@60Hz,720p@60Hz,1080p@60Hz or 4K2K@30Hz output format

- - - -
| |
- - - -

Source menu

1. Press Source button to pop up source menu

2. Press Up/Down button to select source item

3. Then press OK button to enter

Main menu

General control

1. Press Menu button to pop up main menu

2. Press Up/Down button to select Picture,

Geometry or Setting menu

3. Then press Right button to enter

Control for Picture menu

1. Press Left/Right button to select Soft, Standard, Bright or Personal picture mode

2. Note that only Personal picture mode settings can be adjusted, others are pre-set modes

3. Press Up/Down button to select menu item

4. Press OK button to enter

5. Then press Left/Right button to adjust

6. Press Menu button to return, or press Exit button to close menu

Control for setting menu

1. Press Left/Right button to set Auto Detect function On or Off

2. Note that when Auto Detect is set On, the converter will automatically switch to the source which is connected with signal lately, except for USB source.

USB menu

General control

1. Press USB button directly or select USB from source menu to enter USB device playback mode

2. Press Menu button to pop up media type selection menu

3. Press Left/Right button to set which

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