Agricultural Irrigation Non Clog Centrifugal Pump With Back Open Door Structure

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Back Open Door Structure Non Clog Centrifugal Pump With Easy Maintenance


The back open door structure centrifugal pump isdesigned according to foreign technology combined with papermaking process and practical situation. It has unique crew centrifugal impeller. And it is the combine of ordinary centrifugal pump and positive displacement pump, whose flow channel is long and wide. Additionally, its performance of no plugging is good, and it has high efficiency.


Adopt heavy bearing unit design, and the size of bearing is bigger than the one of pulp pump, which increases the bearing capacity and reliability of the pump.

Open impeller with a wide sprue, makes the strong and effective trafficability, and also can transmit some sunstance containing certain gas.

The hole can make sure that stronger sewage can be cleaned quickly when pump is jammed.


After a radial blow head is fixed, it can shoot water into the air and let it scatter into drops and spray, which is a good tool for farms, nurseries, orchards and tea gardens.

It can be used auxiliarily with a press filter of any type and specification, and is the best auxiliary pump to transport slurry to the press filter to process.

Thick slurry pump can be used to convey thick liquid containing fiber and solid particles and it wont produce clogging. And its usage is wide: it not only can be used to environmental pollution, convey the paper pulp, but also can transport fruits, vegetables, velvet material, and even fresh fish, seafood.
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