Non Woven Mattress Glue , White Hot Melt Adhesive Glue Granule With Fluidity

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Nonwoven Mattress - Hot Melt Glue With Fluidity , White Granule


Foshan Haojing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is the private high-tech enterprises in Foshan, which specialized in Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA). As a large manufacturer with experiences in this line of business, FSHJ enjoys great popularity due to its high quality products, competitive price and best after-sales services.

Technical Data

Appearance :white granule

Softening point (R&B):752C

Toxicity: Non-toxic

Open time: 1520 second


Setting time: 10-15 second

Suggested running temperature:165-175C


# What are hot melt polyamide adhesives?

Hot melt polyamide adhesives are solid adhesives at room temperature, contain absolutely no water and solvents, and are mainly composed of thermoplastic resin. Generally speaking, hot melt coaters, known as applicators, are used to melt hot melt adhesives. Guns are used to apply these adhesives in their liquid state to the adherend, which is then crimped, cooled, and adhered. The time required to complete the adhering process is only the time required to cool and solidify the adhesive, which makes it possible to adhere objects to each other in a few seconds to a few minutes.

# What can you tell me about the open time and setting time?

Hot melt adhesives melt under high temperatures. You have to apply these adhesives to an object and adhere another object to it before these adhesives cool and lose their adhesive properties. The open time is the period of time from when the adhesive is applied to the adherend to when the adhesive cools to the point that it loses its adhesive properties. The open time is normally a length of time from a few seconds to a few minutes and is determined on the basis of the usage conditions, ambient environment, and hot melt adhesive mixture. The setting time is the period of time until the hot melt adhesive applied to the adherend cools, solidifies, and exhibits its initial adhesive strength.

Competitive advantage

1. Own factory , raw material and equipment ,which makes it perfect and trust worthy for saving your cost.

2. Samples send to you freely

3. Delivery on time, quality according to customer request completely

4. OEM, ODM is welcome

5. Support small wholesale, retails. Any inquires will be replied within 24 hours.

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