Inorganic polymer chemical Poly Ferric Sulphate Cas 10028-22-5 with features

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Inorganic polymer chemical Poly Ferric Sulphate Cas 10028-22-5 with features

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industry | Electronics , paper making , dyeing, electroplating ,etc |
Brand | Cleanwater |
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Item | Index |
Waste water grade |
Liquid | Solid |
Relative densityg/cm3 (20) | 1.45 | - |
Total iron% | 11.0 | 19.0 |
Reducing substances (Fe2+)% | 0.10 | 0.15 |
Basicity | 8.0-16.0 | 8.0-16.0 |
Undissolved substance )% | 0.3 | 0.5 |
pH(1% water solution) | 2.0-3.0 | 2.0-3.0 |
Cd % | - | - |
Hg % | - | - |
Cr % | - | - |
Pb % | - | - |
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Brief Description

PFS(polymerization Ferrous Sulfate), light yellow powder or deep red liquid, is a kind of inorganic high polymer flocculant agent, which features are high density of alumen ustum, high speed of precipitation, high rate of pollution removal and low amount of sewage sludge, and etc.

Application Field

The product is in great demand on all kinds of municipal sewage treatment and industrial waste water treatment, which includes electronics, paper making, dyeing, electroplating, meat packing plant, food processing, smelting, etc. As to the industry of electronics and electroplating, it displays high removal rate of COD and high speed of precipitation.

Using Method

Add suitable amount of PFS to waste water and then stir evenly. The amount of PFS is proportional to the polluting extent of waste water, commonly 15-50 kilograms dosage to one thousand ton waste water. 7-10 of pH value for water is available. To adjust pH value of water, one way is to add some alkali. Before using PFS, adjust the PH value to 7-10 would be better.

Package and storage

Solid form: To put it in the canvas bag with nontoxic polyethylene bags. Net Weight: 25 kg/bag.

Guarantee period: one year.

Liquid form: Transported by tank vehicle or general truck loading by means of plastic barrels. Therefore, corrosion resistant container is a must.

Guarantee period : six months.

Company information:

Yixing Cleanwater Chemicals Co., Ltd. specialize in providing chemicals and service for treatment of industrial waste water and urban sewage.

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