30HP 22KW Milk Jug Crusher Rubber Grinding Machine For Plastic Product

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30HP 22KW Recycled Waste Plastic Rubber Grinding Granulator Crusher Machine Features: 1. Strong structure, easy to operate, low electricity consumption & durable 2. Uses high quality steel material especially for making knives of the crushers. 3. The blades can be grinded for many times and can be used repeatedly 4. Blades base is made of high quality steel, hard to be broken and damaged; Blades base structure is stable and durable 5. With sheet type, flat type, claw type and cross type blade and screen with different hole size for choosing to suit various demand. 6. With double reduce noise layer design to reduce noise output. 7. Has protection system with the power supply to ensure the equipment safe. 8. Easy to clean and maintain, the hopper, crusher room, blades and screen can be removed and mounted easily. 9. Necessary for the plastic extrusion machines and other plastic recycling industry. Application: 1. The plastic crusher machine can crush PET bottle, drink bottle label, bottle cap; 2. PE film, agricultural film, bag, PE pipe, water pipe, drainage pipe; 3. PP woven bag, PP water drum, PP cup, PP film, sheet, pallet, basket; 4. LDPE/HDPE film, sheet, flake, lump, board; 5. PVC pipe, profile, window frame, door frame, soft PVC door curtain; 6. Wood plastic window/door all can be crushed by plastic recycling shredder crushing; 7. PC/ABS water drum, LOCK and LOCK crisper; 8. Rubber tyre, rubber/plastic material from injection mold; 9. TV shell, keyboard, mouse, TV remote controller, toys, torch, plastic helmet, file folder, brochure shelf, canvas,coat hanger, bumper bar, gas tank can be crushed by the plastic recycling shredder crushing; 10. Fiber, coconut fiber, jute fiber; 11. The plastic recycling shredder crushing also can crush the Nylon material; 12. Non-woven fabric; 13. crushing Leather, artificial leather, leather shoes, leather clothes, leather hand bags; Specifications Parameters: - - - - Model | QZ-P700 | Capacity | 600 KG/H | Crushing Chamber | 720*400mm | Material of Cutters | SKD-11 | Cutter | sheet type, flat type, claw type | Weight | About 2000kgs | Power | 30HP 22KW | Recycling System | Silo,Blower | - - - -
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