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1500KG Capacity Plastic Raw Material Granules Color Mixer Machine Features: 1. The job of vertical stainless steel plastic mixer machine is to make use of its fast rotating screw to elevate the raw materials from the bottom of the hopper body through the center to the top, and then the raw material are flown like umbrella before scattering back to the bottom, so that the raw material roll and mix up and down in the bin, and over a short period of time the substantial raw materials can be evenly mixed. 2. With the function of automatic operation, overload protection, feeding limit alarm, etc. 3. Less land occupation, large capacity, low power consumption, labor saving, convenient operation, fast and homogenized mixing. It can be widely used in plastic granule, powder, plastic sheet,new and old plastic material,mixing with color masterbatch and so on. 4. Application of industry: pipe material, plastic building material, plastic granulator/pelletizing, color masterbatch producing, plastic modification, recycled materials processing, large injection molding, food, rice, beans and so on. Specifications Parameters of: - - - - Capacity | 1500 KG | Thickness of The Mixing Body | 2.0 mm | Diameter of Feeding Barrel | 250 mm | Quantity of Outlet | 2 | Motor Power | 5.5 kw-4 | Ladder | Yes | The Height of Outlet to Ground | 700mm | Dimension | D1650 * H 3200mm | - - - -
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