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UVC - 1560 GLOSS VARNISH FOR COATED MATERIALS 1. Substrates: Art paper, cardboard, coated paper, etc. 2. Product features: It has good adhesion, good smoothness, excellent wear resistance, and gloss. 3. Technical parameters: Appearance: milky white liquid Viscosity(25℃)(Tu-4 Cup): 7min.30s±20s Fineness: ≤5um Defoaming property: good Leveling property: good Adhesion: good Ethanol resistance: grade 4 Gloss(gloss meter): 90±3° Flexibility: good Curing energy: 80-120mj/c㎡ Curing rate: ≥18m/min Mesh recommended: 120-170T 4. Instructions: (1) Please stir it well before use. (2) It is ready to use, no need to add thinner generally. If necessary, please add matching thinner. (3) It is recommended to keep UV curing energy at 100-120 mj/c㎡ when in use to assure fully cured. Please stack the pressworks in layer after cooling to avoid sticking phenomenon. (4) Please take care of personal protection in work and clean it in time after contacting with the products. (5) The printing effect is related to mesh, curing energy, substrates, etc. Please make a sample test before use. 5. Package: 1, 5kg/can 6. Storage: It can be stored for 12 months in 0-35℃. Keep away from strong light. Keep in cool and dry place. 7.Notices: (1) Please thoroughly read the instructions and make a sample test before use. (2) The technical data in this article is for reference only, nor for guarantee. THE END

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