Animal Component Free Recombinant Growth Factors In Skin Care Products

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Animal Component Free Recombinant Growth Factors In Skin Care Products


The lyophilized powder rEGF can keep the stability and bioactivity. The lyophilized powder effectively prevents the changes of physical, chemical properties and biological characteristics of rEGF. The appearance of our EGF powder is white color, which is the same as the HSA derived from E.coli. The rEGF was expressed from the rice endosperm, which is much safer than the E.coli derived EGF. rEGF can be used as skin care products to enter the market to help people do daily skin care. It can maintain the cell renewal rate and ensure new cells continuely replace old cells after long-term use, so as to keep the skin looks youthful without signs of aging.

Quick Details:
# # Ingredient: EGF, HSA,
# Use range: Face and neck
# Brand Name: H-Green
# Feature: Anti-Wrinkle, whitening , skin renew, skin repair, Increase moisture
# Customized: Available
# Suitable Skin: any
# Specifications :50mg(freezed)+3ml(Menstruum)

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Product | freezed powder |
Main Ingredients | EGF, HAS, hyaluronic acid, oligapeptide, glucan |
Effect | Rejuvenate skin by stimulating cell proliferation, improve the texture and condition of the skin, reduce melanin, bring a delicate, glossy, healthy skin |
Suitable crowd | All kinds of skins, especially for aging skin. |
Package size | 3ml and 10ml vials. The package size can be customized to meet your demands. |
Sample | Available |
Shipping | By express, by air |
Certificate | ISO 9001 certificate |
Private Label | Welcomed |
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left: EGF repaired right: Aging


1. Healthgen quality control systerm has been certified by ISO 9001:2008 and ensure standardized process as well as qualified products.

2. Healthgen has a professional quality control department, in which 50% of them have master's degree or higher. There are 14 employees in the quality department, 9 of them are in QA and 5 are in QA. All of them have rich experience in analysis research or quality inspection. Half of them have graduated diploma. Every year there are more than 50 training courses, which cover GMP, SOP, specification, hygiene, QA, QC issues, etc.

3. Healthgen Biotechnology Corp. is a private company founded in 2006. We specialize in molecular pharmaceutical technology research and high-tech innovation-oriented product development, which is developing, manufacturing and marketing a series of recombinant proteins and growth factors by rice endosperm platform. We have 400 square meters of research center, in which 30% of the research personnels have doctoral degree and major in different directions of the research and development. Healthgen has strong capability in developing a series of biological products.

Supplemental Description

Healthgen Biotech, always pay great attention to the original technological innovation and intellectual property protection, has the titles of Hubei Province Molecular Pharmaceutical Engineering Research Center and Protein Purification Research Center. The rice endosperm cell high expression technology platform and other core technology have applied and gained 13 domestic and international patents; and won the 2012 Hubei Provincial Science and technology invention Award, 2013 National Science and Technology Invention Award and China Patent Excellence Award. The project obtained the funding from the National Ministry of science and high technology 863 plan, Major national science and technology plan Major projects of new varieties of genetically modified organisms and Major projects for new drug discovery, the National Development and Reform Commission Pilot development of strategic emerging industries, National Ministry of science and technology innovation fund and state and local plans for all kinds of talented people funding. In July 2015, Healthgen Biotech became a public company on the "China New OTCBB", a national share transfer system for SMEs and officially known as the National Equities Exchange and Quotations, which is the first stock of the plant-derived pharmaceutical in China and even the world.

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