High Content Compound Amino Acid Liquid 30% nitrogent fertilizer

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Brand Name: AH
Model Number: AAL30
Place of Origin: CHENGDU
Color: Clear dark brown
Grade: fertilizer or feed grade
Product Status: Liquid
Supply Type: Dilution ,Spray
Function: Improve nutrient utilization, improve the crop quality. Absorb
Solubility :100% Water Soluble: Total amino acid :More than 300g/l

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Soluble liquid with high concentration of Free amino acids of vegetable origin, easily assimilated by the Plant, recommended for Critical Moments of the Vegetative Development in which the cultivation demand More Power, such as: rooting, Sprouting, flowering, and also in times when the plant is under stress.
18 amino acids necessary to facilitate and improve the development and operation of the Physiological and biochemical processes in plants, which allow you to develop resistance to diseases, pests and adverse climatic factors such as drought and Frost. In its composition are:

Arginine stimulates root Growth, involved in the synthesis of Chlorophyll.
Aspartic acid, retains the micronutrients Forming chelates are available, allowing for more time.
Glutamic acid and Glycine, increase Chlorophyll concentration, increasing the activity fotosintetica.asimismo retain micronutrients Forming chelates are available, allowing for more time. Helps to synthesize other amino acids.
Proline, reducing the stress of Plants produced by adverse environmental factors.
Serine, ACTS regulating the water balance of plants.
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