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stable production pvc pipe socket making machine with SIEMENS PLC

PVC Pipe Socket Making Machine Features

1. Shaping method adopts rising in the mould and increasing the barometric pressure out of the mould to make it stereotypic. The action is steady without damaging the pipes.

2. Full automatic, stable and reliable performance.

pvc pipe socket making machine It is mainly used in producing various diameters and wall-thickness of PVC pipes for aggriculture and constructional plumbing cable laying etc. Our PVC pipe extrusion line has features of low consumption, high output, stable running.

Normal PVC pipe extrusion line include: material charger, SJZ series conic twin screw extruder, mould,vacuum calibration tank, spray cooling tank(for big pipe), haul-off, cutter, stacker. Clients also can choosedouble/four PVC pipe extrusion line to make small size PVC pipes.

PVC Pipe Socket Making Machine Main Parameters

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Model | SGK75 | SGK160 | SGK250 | SGK315 | SGK630 |
Pipe scope (mm) | 16~75 | 50~ 160 | 50~250 | 110~315 | 315~630 |
Total power (mm) | 15 | 18 | 18 | 20 | 32 |
Machine size (m) | 7.46*1.95*1.9 | 6.9*1.42*2 | 7.3*1.66*1.92 | 8.2*1.75*1.85 | 8.42*2.97*2.65 |
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Advantages of PVC pipes:

1. Excellent in chemical corrosion, no rust;

2. With self extinguishing and flame retardant;

3. Excellent in anti aging, can be used 20years to 50 years between the temperature from subzero 15 to 60 degrees Celsius;

4. Wall is smooth, inner wall surface tension, it is difficult to form scale, the fluid transport capacity of 43.7% higher than the cast iron pipe;

5. The weight is light, easy to flaring, bonding, bending, welding, pipe installation workload is only 1 / 2 to the steel pipes, low labor intensity, short duration;

6. Good electrical properties of resistance, volume resistance of 1 to 3 x, breakdown voltage 23 to 2kv/mm;

7. The toughness of PVC pipe is low, linear expansion coefficient is high, operating temperature range is narrow.

Application of PVC pipes:

1. Water supply, drainage pipelines in building;

2. Rainwater drainage pipelines in building;

3. Electrical wiring pipe in building;

4. Air conditioning condensate water systems.

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