26KW Heating Power PVC Pipe Extrusion Line Automatic PVC Tube Pipe Expanding Mac

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SGK400 model automatic PVC pipe expanding machine with PVC pipe extrusion line

Specifications of PVC pipe expanding machine

1. Automatic pvc pipe belling machine

2. Pipe diameter (mm):16~75mm, 50~160mm, 50~250mm, 110~315mm, 315~630mm

Application of pvc pipe expanding machine

SGK series fully automatic plastic belling machine is suitable for the PVC pipe belling .It bell R-type and U-type .The belling range 50-630 mm .


Shaping way adopts rising in the mould and rises and increasing the barometric pressure out of the mould to make it stereotypic.

Many years experience and exported to many countries of all the world

Technical parameter of pvc pipe expanding machine

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Model | SGK75 | SGK160 | SGK250 | SGK315 | SGK630 |
Pipe scope(mm) | 16~75 | 50~ 160 | 50~250 | 110~315 | 315~630 |
Total power (kw) | 15 | 18 | 18 | 20 | 32 |
Out dimension (mm) | 7460*1950*1900 | 6900*1420*2000 | 7300*1660*1920 | 8200*1750 *1850 | 8420*2970*2650 |
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main features:

1.This machine suitable in belling plastic pipe.This machine has high automatization,the capability is stable.Electricity parts use PLC control, the line can be controlled by hand or automatic .

2.This machine mainly composited with lathe-head and pipe bearing.Lathe-head mainly includes heating device and belling, cooling device,mainly process pipes heating,belling and cooling;pipe bearing mainly used in bearing pipe in everywhere working parts.

3.The frame use rectangle steel tube jointing made,high rigidity and reasonable design,the process has no swag .

4.Heating uses casting aluminum design,each spec has casting aluminum piece.The pipe heated shot-cut and equality,heating process no need turn around, length precision;and low consumer,small effective for the environment temperature

5.Cooling uses fan,no damage for mold and no pollution.Pipe wall shaped extend equally and stable , quickly cooled , keep the pipe smooth.

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