2500L / 6000L Large Capacity Plastic Mixer Machine Electric Heating Self Frictio

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2500/6000L large capacity PVC mixing machine with factory price
introduction for PVC mixing machine
Plastic mixer is also a kind of plastic machineryis mainly used for mixing, coloring of PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene particle coloring, drying, ABS, poly carbon resin hygroscopic resin molding processing before drying, mixing process of phenolic resin. It is one of the necessary equipment in the plastic processing plant, and it also has a wide range of applications in the fields of rubber, pharmaceutical, dyestuff and so on.

pvc mixer machine is widely used to compound PVC resin with some other materials in the industry of PVC extrusion, PVC pelletizing/granulating and so on.

It composed mainly by hot mixer and cooling mixer. the hot mixer will heat the material to 110C, at this temperature, the additives will be mixed fully and re-act each other which is necessary for extrusion stage, the cooling mixer will cool down the mixture to 45C to avoid material decomposition.

Features of PVC mixing machine:

mixer barrel adopts 5mm stainless steel, bottom adopts 6mm stainless steel, it's stronger and durable.

the frame of mixer made by 12mm channel steel which are stronger and more durable. some factory only use 10mm channel steel

the bottom support steel plate adopts 20mm steel sheet, most factory only use 14mm thick steel.

the mixer exhausing filter adopts very good air filter used for car, the air exhausting effect is much more better than cloth bag filter.

the cooling mixer's cooling belt is elaborately designed which can fast cool down the plastic materials.

hot mixer blades are well desgined which can save mixing time by 2mintues for one batch.

adopts Gemany oil seal, make sure no oil leakge
Modelsand Techinal Parameter of hot-cooling pvc mixer machine :
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Model | SRL-Z800/1600 | SRL-Z800/2500 | SRL-Z1000/3000 | SRL-Z1300/4500 | SRL-Z2500/6000 |
Tank volume | 800/1600 | 800/2500 | 1000/3000 | 1300/4500 | 3500/6000 |
capacity | 1400 | 1400 | 1900 | 2500 | 4000 |
Motor power | 60/90/18.5 | 80/110/30 | 110/160/37 | 132/200/45 | 315KW/90 |
Blade spped | 370/740/50 | 370/740/50 | 325/650/50 | 250/500/50 | 150/35 |
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