Sermorelin Peptides For Muscle Gaining Injectable CAS NO.86168-78-7

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Sermorelin Peptides for Muscle Gaining Injectable CAS NO.86168-78-7 Sermorelin CAS No.: 86168-78-7 Molecular Formula: C149H246N44O42S Molecular Weight: 3357.96 Purity (HPLC): 98.0%min. Single Impurity (HPLC): 1.0%max Amino Acid Composition: ± 10% of theoretical Peptide Content (N%): ≥ 80.0% Water Content (Karl Fischer): ≤ 8.0% Acetate Content (HPIC): ≤ 12.0% MS (ESI): Consistent Specific Rotation (20/D): -80.0~-90.0° (c=0.5 1%HAc) Mass Balance: 95.0~105.0% Appearance: White powder Usage: Sermorelin, along with the other peptides you will use, comes as a delicate lyophilized powder that should be kept out of the light and in a cool dry place. Reconstitution is done with bacteriostatic water (BC water) or sodium chloride meant for injection. Injections can be administered one hour before workout at a dose of 200mcg-300mcg. Normally, Sermorelin injections are taken before bed at around 300mcgs. Of course, as with any GHRH, you will want to use this peptide alongside a GHRP like GHRP-2 or Ipamorelin for maximum release of growth hormone stores. Ideally, though user could still benefit from using a GHRH like CJC 1295 with DAC and a GHRP like Ipamorelin throughout the day and then utilize Sermorelin as a pre-bed timed dose. Do not discount Sermorelin as simply an anti-aging peptide. It can still help promote the growth of lean body mass and increase the availability of IGF-1 in the blood stream. Any questions,pleas feel free to contact us. E-mail:jamesliu at ycphar dot com skype:cotanjames whatsapp:+8613802264524 Phone:+8613802264524

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