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Calcium Acetate CAS NO.62-54-4 Product Name:Calcium acetate Synonyms:acetatedecalcium;Aceticacid,calciunsalt;brownacetate;brownacetateoflime[qr];grayacetate;grayacetateoflime[qr];limeacetate;limepyrolignite CAS:62-54-4 MF:C4H6CaO4 MW:158.17 EINECS:00-540-9 Mol File:62-54-4.mol Melting point:160°C (dec.) density:1,5 g/cm3 solubility:H2O: 1 M at 20 °C, clear, colorless Stability:Stable. Non-flammable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. Chemical properties:This reagent appears as white needle crystal, being soluble in water and inorganic acid, slightly soluble in ethanol. Uses:1. Calcium acetate is used in the industry for the manufacturing of acetone, acetic acid and polyester. 2. It can be used as food stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors as well as for the synthesis of acetate 3. It is used as analysis reagents as well as the synthesis of acetate. 4. Calcium acetate is a excellent food calcium fortifier with better absorption effect than inorganic calcium. It can be used for infant food with the usage amount of 3.0 ~ 6.0g / kg (in terms of elemental calcium, the same as below); in cereals and their products, the usage amount is 1.6 ~ 3.2g / kg; in drinks and milk drinks, it is 0.6 ~ 0.8 G / kg. 5. Chelating agents; mold inhibitors; stabilizers; buffers; flavoring agents; preservatives; curing agents; nutritional fortifiers; 6. For the analysis of reagents, organic synthesis, printing and dyeing and pharmaceutical industry, or as a food stabilizer, chelating agent, mold inhibitor, buffer, flavoring agent, corrosion inhibitor Any question,pleas feel free to contact us. E-mail:jamesliu at ycphar dot com skype:cotanjames whatsapp:+8613802264524 Phone:+8613802264524

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Calcium Acetate

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Calcium Acetate

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