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200 to 1200 mm belt width straight belt conveyor with 0.06 to 1.1 kw Introduction: Straight belt conveyor is widely used in the departments of matallurgy, coal, transportation, water and electricity to convey bulk materials because of its advantages, such as large conveying capacity, simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, strong commonality and so on. According to the requirement of conveying technology, it can be single conveying, also can be multiple or can be horizontal or inclined conveyor systems with other conveyor. The driving mode is gear motor or electric roller. Through collocating constant speed operating system or adjustable speed operating system, the conveyor can transmit not only bulk materials but also packed material and bags. In addition, the machine can delivery food, medication, chemical by adopting special belt for these industries. Driving mode : gear motor driving, electric roller driving. The way of adjusting speed: frequency conversion, stepless variable speed. Principle: It utilizes the inner friction and side pressure of loose material to increases the internal pressure from the pulling force in its moving direction produced by the rolling chamber in the adhesive chamber, thus increasing the internal friction. When inclination falls within certain scope, the inward friction force can ensure the stability between layers and create continuous movement. When the internal friction force between the layers is larger than the external force of the adhesive, the roller beneath the adhesive will move along with the material. When the ratio of internal force and external force meets a condition, the material flow is stable. Feature: 1.Transportation safety, high efficiency and reliable. 2. Save space, easy maintenance, long service life. 3.Downstairs vertical transport. 4. Cooling or fluctuation continuous handing discrepancy warehouse system. Technical parameter: - - - - Belt width | 200-1200mm | Length | 3000-50000mm | Side beam height | 40-150 | Speed | 8-30m/min | Power | 0.06-1.1kw | Drive mode | middle drive/end drive | Power supply | single phaseAC220V/3 phaseAC 380V | Frame material | Aluminum, carton steel, stainless steel | - - - - Application: 1. It is the ideal short distance transportation equipment in dock, station, coal yard, grain depot, boiler, sand yard, container for goods loading and unloading. 2.Rubber belt conveyer is widely used to transport granular materials or packaged products in many industries, such as agriculture, mining, metallurgical, coal and construction etc. More Photo: Our service Customer service: # 12 months warranty. # 24 hours online service. Pre-Sales: # Product introduction. # Technical communication. # Suitable standard product recommendation. Sale: # Production progress feed back. # Advise time of dispatching goods. # Update ship information. # Notice of customs clearance.

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