Agricultural Organic Food Waste Shredder Machine 15mm Cutter Thickness

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25 to 30 m per hour organic waste shredder with 15 mm cutter thickness This type of the machine has a variety of functions and advantages. They have advantages in strong generability, standardization and modularization design, high interchangeability for their components. Their assistant blades are refined by forging and milling process and their main blades are made of special alloy steel with high strength and strong anti-wear. The drive part takes advantage of gears transmission in the middle to make them rotate at different speeds. Feature: 1. In thickness, shape, order processing, we adopt unique design rotary knife. The knife has the advantages of high shear force, sharp blade, which can improve shredding. 2. Thick precision plate structure, rotation shaft with largeangles, large diameter strong hopper, make sure the large materials in. 3. efficiency. shredder machine is fit for thin plastic film or other material. 4. PLC controller: when the materials are over the limit, it can stop the machine to protect itself. 5. Low speed rotation, low noise and less dust. 6. Blades are made of special alloy steel, strong and durable. Feature of Knife: # Imported alloy cutting tools, impact resistance, broken metal cutting tools do not break. # Use the advanced tool welding repair technology after tool wear to achieve multiple re-use of the tool, reducing the maintenance costs of the tool. # Tool hole and the spindle surface are used hexagonal design, make the cutting tool force uniform. # The tool is arranged in a spiral line to achieve efficient cutting. # Bearing has four seals, effective waterproof and dustproof. # No net control of the material size, improve the crushing efficiency. # Siemens PLC real-time monitoring of motor current, load overload when the knife automatically reverse rotation to protect the motor. Application: 1. A variety of hollow containers: Plastic beverage cans, plastic buckets, iron cans,packing boxes. 2. Waste household appliances: TV, washing machine, refrigerator shell. 3. Pipe: Large pipes, pipe fittings, PE pipe. 4. Waste template: wooden pallets, plastic pallets,truck pallet. 5. Waste tires: car tires, truck tires. 6. Scrap metal: car shell,Aluminum die casting scraps, engine shell, gear boxes ,lead as well as the steel plate with less than 5mm thickness. 7. The food waste, garbage, animal carcasses, RDF derivatives, medical waste, biological straw, garden garbage Technical Parameters: - - - - Model | HL 15-1 | Motor power (kw) | 90 | Hopper size (mm) | 1200*900 | Discharge size (mm) | 15*30 | Cutter thickness (mm) | 15 | Shaft speed (rpm) | 21 | Capacity (m/h) | 25-30 | - - - - Warranty: # Guarantee Period: One year or 3000 running hours whichever comes first. # All the equipment must be 100% brand new when leaving our factory. # Spare-parts can also be sent by air express. # During the guarantee period, the spare-parts will be sent through your shipping agency in China. Service: Pre-sale We offer the best solution according to clients requirement in time. We accept and respect clients creative idea. We will try our best to integrate clients idea into the machine and take our years of experience into consideration. We could offer our technical design before the purchase order. After-sale service Our skilled technicians are available for on-site installation, commissioning & training on request.

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