Custom SDR Electric Lubrication Pump System High Performance 60W 90W

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Custom SDR Electric Lubrication Pump System High Performance 60W 90W

Performance and characteristics

. Rated working pressure 4.0Mpa : Sets the overflow valve, prevent oil pump overload

. With functions of unloading :Stop working after removing the oil pressure in the system is in charge of road, mainly used in the quantitative type (pressure type or unloading type) thin oil lubrication oil supply system

. Inside the pump with pressure switch (normally open AC220V/2A DC36V/2A), to monitor the lubrication system that the main oil line block and the pressure loss (optional parts)

. Inside the pump can match the PC-2 display controller, control the operation time on and off (optional parts)

. Transparent resin oil tank

. Assort distributor : Pressure or pressure relief type thin oil distributor


. Pressure switch as much as possible installed at the end of the system main pipe, not within the oil pimp, it can ore correctly detected the lubrication system condition with main pipe blocks the flow and pressure loss

. If the host with PLC, should by the host PLC control oil pump run and rest time, the oil pump without set controller; But if the host does not PLC or with PLC wiring is not convenient, the oil pump hall set the controller, the controller to the countdown control lubrication pump working cycle : run and rest time.

. If the working power supply is not AC380V 50Hz, should indicate the power and HZ when order power supply

. The following for is without pressure switch and controller of the SDR series pump as an example illustrates the specific technical parameters, it is same technical parameter with a pressure switch or controller with same specification.

. Example : the rated flow 0.5L/min, oil capacity 3.0L, Rated pressure 4.0MPa, the working power supply is AC380V50Hz, without pressure switch and controller of SDR series thin grease pump models for SDR5-34Z; lubrication pump with a pressure switch (optional), type of SDR5-34PZ; lubrication pump with a controller (optional), type of SDR5-34CZ; If the work is specific power requirement, when you order it should indicate the voltage and frequency, such as SDR5-34/460V60Hz.

- - - -
Project | Rated pressure (Mpa) | Rated flow (L/min) | Oil tank capacity (L) | Electric machine parameter | Code Type |
Voltage (V) | Frequency (Hz) | Power (W) | Revolving speed (r/min) |
Model |
SDR2.5-34Z | 4.0 | 0.25 | 3.0 | AC380 | 50 | 60 | 1350 | 1.With pressure switch model after P, Like SDR2.5-34PZ. 2.With controller model after C, Like SDR 2.5-34CZ. 3.Indicate the power, Like SDR2.5-34Z/AC460V60Hz |
SDR5-34Z | 0.50 | 90 | 2700 |
SDR2.5-44Z | 0.25 | 4.0 | 60 | 1350 |
SDR-5-44Z | 0.50 | 90 | 2700 |
SDR2.5-64Z | 0.25 | 6.0 | 60 | 1350 |
SDR5-64Z | 0.50 | 90 | 2700 |
SDR2.5-94Z | 0.25 | 9.0 | 60 | 1350 |
SDR5-94Z | 0.50 | 90 | 2700 |
- - - -

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