Stylish Elegant Electric Exfoliating Face Brush Skin Cleansing Tools Ultrasonic

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Stylish Elegant Electric Exfoliating Face Brush Skin Cleansing Tools Ultrasonic

# Skin talks. Do you believe it: At the end of the handle is installed the worlds first smart skin detection system equipped with a selected gem stone claiming the greatest degree of hardness next to diamond for the camera lens with the capability to make 50X amplification of the skin to vividly detect the skin condition, helping women acquire better understanding of their skin and keep track of the minute change of their skin in different seasons. Through the app, professional tips and suggestions can be offered accordingly.
# Brand-new invention of Ultraviolet Sterilization Drying Health System with guaranteed anti-bacterial and skin-friendly effects: At the base is the built-in ultraviolet sterilization drying health system, a first invention in the industry, to be sensor-activated to conduct the sterilization and drying functions automatically for the anti-bacterial, skin-friendly and environmental protection effects to be accomplished at one move.
# Slight shock of sound wave to make in-depth residue-free skin cleaning: The low friction induced by the frequency of the slight shock from the sound wave (higher than 150 Hz/S) will drive out the dirt in the depth of the pore to improve the cleaning and removing effects, strengthen the absorption capacity of the skin, promote the blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and postpone the aging of the skin.


# Using the friendly design, let the facial brush meet yours needs.
# The facial brush has stylish and elegant pearl-like appearance and texture of the material, conform with the majority people of those aesthetic beauty and feel.
# Portable, Waterproof design, home use and travel use.
# Offers an Adjustable Intensity Level Power Control- 13 speeds.
# 2 High Quality Interchangeable soft brushes.


- - - -
Parametersmodel | Bottom case | handle |
Input voltage (V) | 12 | 12 |
Charging current(MA) | 800 | 800 |
Internal battery voltage (V) | 7.4 | 7.4 |
Standby current(MA) | 2 | |
Operating current(MA) | <120 | 60400 |
Shutdown current(UA) | | <50 |
- - - -

- - - -
Parametersmodel | Face-cleansing instrument |
Maximum power of the whole part(W) | 5 |
Input voltage of the power adapter(V) | 100240 |
Output voltage of the power adapter (V) | 12 |
Output current of the power adapter(A) | 2 |
Vibration frequency(n/min) | 150 |
Magnification of lens(times) | 50 |
Gear | 113 |
Battery usage time(min) | 240 |
Quick charge time(h) | 1 |
Waterproofing grade | IPX4 |
Length x width x height (mm) | 223mmX67mmX137mm
- - - -


ABS+PC machine meet the requirement of ROHS.
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