Makeup Rotating Face Cleansing Brush Deep Cleansing Residue Removal

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Makeup Rotating Face Cleansing Brush Deep Cleansing Residue Removal


# The facial brush with a waterproof body fully it is conform to the IPx4 which is the highest degree of protection , so do not worry dipped into the water leakage or it doesn't work.
# The facial brush with thirteen different cleaning intensity and cleaning mode, can customize as you needed freely.
# Using the friendly design, let the facial brush meet yours needs.
# The facial brush has stylish and elegant pearl-like appearance and texture of the material, conform with the majority people of those aesthetic beauty and feel.
# Portable, Waterproof design, home use and travel use.


# Firms The Skin Rotating Face Brush Reduces The Appearance Of Aging Signs
# Exfoliation helps to promote cellular turn over results in healthier skin
# Sonic Skin Cleansing System
# Deep cleansing with brushing and microdermabrasion.
# Cleans away dead skin cells, germs, oil and dirt.
# Unclog pores to reduce acne breakouts.
# Increase circulation may help to even out skin tone, improve age spots.
# Exfoliation helps to promote cellular turn over results in healthier skin
# Sonic Skin Cleansing System


- - - -
Parametersmodel | Bottom case | handle |
Input voltage (V) | 12 | 12 |
Charging current(MA) | 800 | 800 |
Internal battery voltage (V) | 7.4 | 7.4 |
Standby current(MA) | 2 | |
Operating current(MA) | <120 | 60400 |
Shutdown current(UA) | | <50 |
- - - -

- - - -
Parametersmodel | Face-cleansing instrument |
Maximum power of the whole part(W) | 5 |
Input voltage of the power adapter(V) | 100240 |
Output voltage of the power adapter (V) | 12 |
Output current of the power adapter(A) | 2 |
Vibration frequency(n/min) | 150 |
Magnification of lens(times) | 50 |
Gear | 113 |
Battery usage time(min) | 240 |
Quick charge time(h) | 1 |
Waterproofing grade | IPX4 |
Length x width x height (mm) | 223mmX67mmX137mm
- - - -

Potential Failure problems and solutions

This chapter summarizes the most common potential problems you could encounter with the appliance.

- - - -
Parts | Problem | Possible cause | Solution |
handle | The brush head get stuck, and cant install on the device. | The position is not right, lack of strength | Find the right direction and revolve the brush clockwise with some strength |
The big noise occurs during face cleansing | Brush is not soundly fixed | Check if the brush headfixed onto the right position |
The indicator light of the handle doesnt work | Bad contact with metal probe | Adjust the handle |
The product does not work when the button is pressed | Low Battery | Put the handle onto the charge port. When the right light is on, the battery is charged. When the blue light is on, then the battery is fully charged. |
+ or button doesnt work | Softly pressing | Press the button with more strength |
| | |
No device can be found during video detection | Doesnt connect to WiFi | Connect to WiFi with your mobile phone |
no face cleansing instrument is found | Please boot up the face cleansing instrument |
The face cleansing instrument cant enter into video detection mode | Please open video detection mode |
Cant find WIFI signal after switching into video mode for 30s | Possibly unsuccessful launch in video detection system | Wait for 30s more |
the WIFI signal of your phone may be unstable | Reboot your phone or change another phone |
Cant find WIFI signal after switching into video mode for 60s | Something wrong with video detection process | Swift from face cleansing mode to video mode again |
Black screen after connection | Input wrong password | Return to the detection page and delete the wrong information in the device management area; restart the one key connection, and input the right password |
Video images disappeared | Video detection mode is shut down | Press the function button for a short time to restart it |
Unclear video images | Maybe the lens is dirty | Clean the lens with a soft cloth |
| | |
| | |
The bottom case | Charging indicator light doesnt work | The power adapter is not well connected to the power outlet | Adjust the plug of the power adapter |
Air-drying system cant be shut down during working | Maybe the time you press the button is too short | Prolong the time you press to 1s |
Air-drying and disinfecting system of the bottom case doesnt work normally | the handle is not in the right direction | Put the brush in the right direction |
air drying system is shut up | Restart it |
sunshine/ultraviolet influences the intelligent detection system | use the product indoors |
Low battery | Charge the battery |
Bad performance of air drying system | Blockage of air at the intake of the bottom case | dont put the bottom case onto the soft blanket
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