Face Exfoliator Electric Skin Detection Facial Cleansing Tools Oscillating

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Face Exfoliator Electric Skin Detection Facial Cleansing Tools Oscillating


# Multi-Functional Facial Brush Both facial cleaning and facial massage are effective by Mooskin MS01 distinctive design. Numerous silica-gel particles on surface smoothly remove aged-corneum, balancing face tone and increase skin luster and flexibility. Utilizing ultrasonic oscillation, exclusive corrugation design on back can relieve your facial muscle rapidly, which is beneficial to smooth away wrinkle and treat eye bags. Better than a facial brush.
# Two Minutes Thoroughly Clean Your Face Advanced ultrasonic oscillation technology can easily remove dirt and cosmetic residues that hide into pore with high-frequent vibration. It allows the removal of dead skin cells, unclogs pores of dirt, oil, and residue, leaving skin firmer and more elastic feeling. Efficient enhancement of cleaning for T-zone part, removing blackhead, minimizing oiliness and congestion. Only two minutes can provide perfect skin care.
# Premium-Grade Material and Humanized Design Hundreds of micro massage heads are made by quality and safe silicone material that is imported from Europe. Those micro heads are slick and high-durable, they serve as facial scrubber for all skin type. The bigger massage heads on top make you focus on hard cleaning zone, such as nose. The other intensive and smaller heads gently soften horniness, increase cleaning frequency, fade dull tone and make skin white and even.

# Comprehensive cleansing technology
# Sonicmicroseism technology
# Continuously variable transmission with 14 gears; intelligent speed regulation
# One-hour charging enough for two-month usage
# Built-in ultraviolet sterilization drying health system at the base

Deeply cleansing skin, mildly removing all the dirt from the underlying skin and the dead skin cells, finallywiping out makeup from the surface of the skin, leaving your skin softer, smoother and cleaner.

Plugs and range of application

- - - -
Type | countries/ regions |
category A
Flat type two-feet, adapter used in U.S/Japan standard | Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, The U.S., Canada, North American region, Brazil and other countries in South American region |
category E
Round type two-feet, adapter used in European standard | South Korea, Macao, Russia, the Middle East region |
category I
Flat type three-feet, adapter in British standard |

HongKong,Singapore,Malaysia, Britain etc. |
category C
splay type flat feet, adapter in Australia standard | Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, etc. |
- - - -

Usage Instruction

Before using this product for the first time, make sure the product has been fully charged.


The whole body of this product can meet IPX7 waterproof standards, and it has the function of buffering and resistingfrom falling and breaking. The whole body is waterproof, but it should not be soaked in the water, particularly the rear side of the handlewhere water vapor may blur the lens and harm the result of skin detection accordingly.

If no button is pressed during usage time, the face-cleansing instrument will shut down automatically.

Do not put this product on the blanket which will block the wind inlet in bottom case, it will damage the air-drying and disinfection function.

Do daily facial cleansing with the smart instrument for skin detection and face-cleansing

Face-cleansing mode

Charge 1 hour before using
# # Pick up the handle
# Apply facial cleanser on the brush.
# Wet the face
# Press the function button for long enough to enter into face-cleansing mode
# adjust the speed of the brush
# Start Cleaning
# clean the brush when you finish
# put it back on the bottom case, air-dry activateautomatically


- - - -
Parametersmodel | Bottom case | handle |
Input voltage (V) | 12 | 12 |
Charging current(MA) | 800 | 800 |
Internal battery voltage (V) | 7.4 | 7.4 |
Standby current(MA) | 2 | |
Operating current(MA) | <120 | 60400 |
Shutdown current(UA) | | <50 |
- - - -

- - - -
Parametersmodel | Face-cleansing instrument |
Maximum power of the whole part(W) | 5 |
Input voltage of the power adapter(V) | 100240 |
Output voltage of the power adapter (V) | 12 |
Output current of the power adapter(A) | 2 |
Vibration frequency(n/min) | 150 |
Magnification of lens(times) | 50 |
Gear | 113 |
Battery usage time(min) | 240 |
Quick charge time(h) | 1 |
Waterproofing grade | IPX4 |
Length x width x height (mm) | 223mmX67mmX137mm |
- - - -

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