Coalescence-separation Turbine Oil Purifier, Fuel Oil Water Separator Plant

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Brand Name: ASSEN
Model Number: tyl-50
Place of Origin: CHINA
MOQ: 1
Certificate: CE ISO
turbine oil purifier: turbine oil filtration machine
turbine lube oil conditioner: turbine oil separator
turbine oil treatment machine: turbine oil filtering plant

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Usage: Series TYL Coalescence-separation oil purifier adopts advanced polymer fibre as the filter medium combined with the special oil-water separating device to make TYL is good at breaking emulsion and filtering. It can effectively separate water from oil. Series TYL can work online with turbine system for breaking emulsion and filtering, also it can separate particles and mass water from light oil. Series TYL works without heating and vacuum source, less power consumption, low operation cost. Series TYL use of trolley structure, light weight, easy operation. It is applicable for the filtration and dehydration system of turbine oil. It has two functions of good filtration and dehydration, which can effectively remove impurities, emulsified water and free water from oil. It can improve oil quality, reduce cost of reprocessing and pollution, and reduce cost of maintenance and operation. functions: 1) filtration and dehydration function to remove emulsified water, free water and impurities. 2) It can be used as oil filling machine only to remove impurities from oil. Its work theory: oil goes through specially made filter from outside to inside, by this direction, the hole of filter layer is smaller and smaller, different layer can prevent different size of impurities. This design improved lifetime and efficiency of filter. 3) There is inner circulation so that operator can replace coalescence and separation filter. Pls contact: Jay Ai Tel/Fax:+86-23-88703683 Mob:+86-15223801122

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