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Multifuel burner is a new combustion device burning gas and coal powder in rotary kiln. It has a unique structure and reasonable parameters to ensure gas, coal powder and air, primary air and secondary air mixed sufficiently. It brings greater thermal intensity, higher combustion efficiency and easier adjustment. It can be widely applied to various rotary kilns in metallurgical and chemical industry. The burner can mix gas and coal powder for co-burning, and also can realize gas or coal powder separate burning. Application: The rotary kiln’s combustion system in electricity, chemical, metallurgy, building materials industries. Our products advantages : 1. Flame stable, no fluctuation, no flame sweeping kiln lining and prolong kiln lining life; 2. Reasonable structure design, well mixed gas and coal powder, primary air and secondary air, complete combustion, can improve the kiln thermal strength while reducing the proportion of primary air to improve the productivity of the kiln and reduce heat consumption; 3.The flame round up cover forms bowl effect and initial flame without strong eddy. It avoids temperature peaks and distributes the flame temperature rationally. This can effectively protect the kiln body and guard plate. 4.Due to fully mixing between air and coal powder, the combustion is more efficiency. It can reduce the content of CO and NOX in exhaust gas and be beneficial to safety and environmental friendly operation. 5.The nozzle is made of special materials which can resistance high temperature and easy to replace; Multifuel burner is mainly composed of piping, nozzle, Metal Ripple Hose compensator, butterfly valves, pressure measurement instruments and protective layer. Its main structural features are: 1. Pipeline There are five layers from outside to inside. They are axial flow duct, cyclone duct, gas channel, coal air channel and the central channel. 2. Nozzle Processed by special material, its outlet are can be modified to adjust the ejection speed. It is one of the key components which can maintain the flame shape and service life time. 3. Metal Ripple Hose Compensator The Metal Ripple Hose Compensator is the main components of pipe connecting, sealing and flame shape adjusting. 4. Butterfly Valves There are butterfly valves at the inlets of axial flow air, cyclone air and central air. Each air volume and proportion can be adjusted by change the channel outlet area to modify the ejection speed. 5. Pressure Measurement Instruments They are used for indirect display air speed of each channel in burners. 6.Protective Layer It is the refractory casting layer which is cast by user.

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