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Zhongshan Youbee Display Co., Ltd has established its 1st factory which has been 

Producing a wide range of fiberglass mannequins and props for 24 years. With 

Excellent insights and long- term precipitation, YOUBEE has established its 2ND 

Factory which specializing in producing all kinds of shop display furniture / fixtures 

/ showcases / stands / racks / shelves in 2015. (Though the display furniture factory 

Was just established in 2015, its business is expanding at very high speed due to 

Long time precipitation). At the same time, YOUBEE built a branch in Guangzhou for 

Sales and Designer to easily communicate with customers. 

Our Mission 

As a family-run company since 1992, we stand for key values that reflect in our 

Business relationships as well as within our company - a friendly approach and 

Service to our clients, top quality, ongoing development with constant product 

Improvement, and customized solutions. Over 24 years in display business has 

Provided us valuable insight that is reflected in our newly built factory which 

Producing shop interior display furniture. Our portfolio not only includes the latest 

Display furniture, but also offers an extensive choice of shop interior designs. 

Visit our product page to find out more about YOUBEE products! 

Welcome to our factory in Zhongshan and our Guangzhou office!

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