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Brand Name: OEM or VLOVE
Model Number: VL001~003
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 50000
Type: Ultra Thin
Material: Aluminum Foil bag
Certificate: ISO9001 & 14001
Size: 155/245/290 MM
Grade: super quality
Packaging: Aluminum Foil bag
Capacity: 100000 pieces/days

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Anion is called "air vitamin", with the purification of blood, improve the allergic constitution, improve immunity, eliminate odor and other effects. V-LOVE Nano silver anion and far infrared sanitary napkin, Care for women health by high-tech composed triple function chip. Soft, natural and comfortable! Super absorption, keep dry and clean! Super breathable, no boring let you happy all whole day! (Daily use sanitary napkin) Size: 245mm Package: 10piece/Bag, 48bags/carton Item No.: VL001 Usage: in the day time of the menstrual period. (Night use sanitary napkin) Size: 285mm Package: 8piece/Bag, 48bags/carton Item No.: VL002 Usage: long towel body, suitable in night of menstrual period; or in day time if the menstrual blood volume is overmuch. (Panty Liner) Size: 155mm Package: 30piece/Bag, 48bags/carton Item No.: VL003 Usage: before and after 2 day of menstrual period, or when in traveling.
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