Big Chicken Feet Peeling Machine

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Brand Name: Amisy
Model Number: AMS-1000/AMS-2000
Place of Origin: China
MOQ: 1 qty
Type: food machinery
Color: silver
Material: stainless steel
Certificate: BV certification

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Model: AMS-1000/AMS-2000 Capacity: 1000-2500 kg/h Power source: 5.5/7.5 kw Dimensions 2400*500*1400/3000*500*1600 mm Guarantee: 2 years Delivery time: 10-15 days Big Chicken Feet Peeling Machine The big chicken feet peeling machine is made of stainless steel, this machine has two types, they are AMS-1000,AMS-2000,the capacity are 1000-1500kg/h,2500kg/h, peeling rate can reach 98%, with the features of high efficiency, excellent appetence. It is the most advanced and sellable chicken feet peeling machine in China. Big Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Features 1. The big chicken feet peeling machine mainly used for chicken feet peeling production line. 2. The chicken feet peeling machine is widely used in large and medium-sized chicken feet food processing factory. 3. Large capacity, high output and fast peeling speed. 4. High quality stainless steel, easy to clean, sanitation and durable. 5. It can remove the nails of the chicken cleanly and thoroughly. Big Chicken Feet Peeling Machine Market Prospect Nowadays more and more people like to eat chicken feet around the world, especially for the Muslim who have their own customs will choose chicken as their meat. The chicken feet can be made into different kinds of flavor, such as spicy chicken feet, bubble pepper chicken feet, sauced chicken feet and so on, they have high nutritional value and are rich in calcium and collagen protein, eating them not only can soften blood vessels, and also have the effect of beauty, they are very good for the health of people and become one of the delicious food of our life. The chicken feet peeling machine must be more and more popular in the market, so choose the Amisy big chicken feet peeling machine can bring infinite profit for you. Attention When you use the machine for the chicken feet peeling separately, you should put the chicken feet in to hot water (65degree) about 3-5minutes, then put the chicken feet into the chicken feet peeling machine.
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