Shantui Bulldozer SD08YE Equipped With Cummins QSB3 , 3 Engine

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Shantui bulldozer SD08YE equipped with Cummins QSB3 , 3 engine


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ITEM | SD08YE | Engine | Cummins QSB3.3 |
LWH (Ripper not included) | Traction frame
425226802775 | Ripping depth of ripper | - |
Operating weight (Ripper not included) | 8020kg | - |
Rated power | 59kw | Lifting height of ripper | - |
Grade ability | 30 | Number of carriers (each side) | 2/side |
Blade type | Straight tilt | Number of track rollers (each side) | 6/side |
Blade width | Straight tilt blade 2680mm | Number of Travel
Motor and Reducer | 2 |
Width of track shoe | 460mm |
Track gauge | 1600mm |
Ground length and ground pressure | 38.3kpa |
Dozing capacity | 1.93m3 | Pitch | 154mm |
Forward speed | 0-9km/h |
Max drop below ground of blade | - | Reverse speed | 0-9km/h |
Lift height of blade | 750mm |
Ripper type | - |
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The turbocharged, air-to-air inter cooled, electronically controlled diesel engine emissions meet EPA Tier 3, EU Stage III A standards; provides excellent power, economy (compared with similar horsepower hydrostatic bulldozers provides 15% savings), and durability.


1. The electronically controlled, dual-circuit hydrostatic drive system automatically adjusts the power output and the traveling speed to adapt to load changes; both sides of the track are independently driven, so as toensure full steering power output, and enabling reverse rotation for both tracks; possesses multi-gradespeed characteristics, providing optimum speed in a variety of working conditions.
2. The hand-operated electric control system, left joystick controls machine direction and speed, right joystickoperates working device; system enables accurate, simple, and comfortable operation of the machine.
3. The heavy, durable, and strong chassis provides for reliable operations in any environment.

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