Ratio Control Hot Mix Asphalt Plant With Anti - Bonding Conveying Belt

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Start smoothly&ratio control hot mix asphalt plant with anti-bonding conveying belt with sweeper Steps for setting of control system for batch type asphlt mixign machinery Before mixing, it is required to set the following formula parameters. a. Hot aggregate formula storage. (see the following menu) The ration of Maxi(NO5cabinet) Unit:1 The ration of coarse(NO.4 cabinet/bin) Unit:1 The ration of medium(NO.3 cabinet) Unit:1 The ration of fine(NO.2cabinet) Unit:1 The ration of sand(NO.1cabinet) Unit:1 The ration of lime filler Unit:1 The ration of added filler. Unit:1 The ration of asphalt. Unit:0.01 Mixing time Unit:S At the monitoring menu, click the symbolformula keyboard,you can enter the formula storage menu. At the upper figure, click the menu add formula, you could enter the calling menu of hot aggregate formula. b. Cold aggregate formula storage. The ration of NO.1 cold cabinet unit:1 The ration of NO.2 cold cabinet unit:1 The ration of NO.3 cold cabinet unit:1 The ration of NO.4 cold cabinet unit:1 The ration of NO.5 cold cabinet unit:1 At the upper figure, click the menu cold aggregate formula, then you could enter the calling menu of cold aggregate formula. At the upper figure, click add formula, you could enter cold aggregate formula storage menu. (described as the following figure) c. Set the preseted value of aggregate, filler, asphalt etc.(see the following figure) The preseted value of aggregate, filler, and asphalt is the benchmark of automatic ration, and the computer according to overweight will correct the secondary ration automatically. d. Preset slow discharging of hot aggregate. The system has cursory and meticulous metering mode. The preseted parameter is the threshold value for the cursory metering to be stopped during ration. For example, if the needed material is 200 kg, and the presetted slow discharging parameter is 50 kg, then, the cursory metering door will close when it reaches 150 kg and the meticulous metering will continue. In this way, we could gain better weighing precise. . Operate and control ignition of the burner Before igniting, be sure that the control system is started fully and without fault firstly, and then ignite. The operation of the burner refers to users manual for details. . The start-up of cold bins and feeding adjustment. a. After system booted and burner ignited, click cold aggregate icon,enter cold feeding menu (see the following figure).Choose the preseted formula, input the value of weight(t/h) actually used, click ST, the feeders will be started in sequence according to the dosage of each bin. - - - - ITEM | Mechainism | PART NAME | Spec. | QUANTITY | 1 | Slope belt conveyor/ inclined belt conveyor | driving drum | | 1 | 2 | driving sprocket wheel | P=25.4 | 1 | 3 | bearing | F90610 | 2 | 4 | chain | P=25.4 | 1 | 5 | driven sprocket wheel | P=25.4 | 1 | 6 | speed reducer | BWD13-17-7.5Kw | 1 | 7 | conveyor belt | B=800 L =25000 | 1 | 8 | lower support roller | 76 L=895 | | 9 | upper support roller | 76 L=280 | | 10 | driven drum | | 1 | 11 | bearing | K90610 | 2 | 12 | adjusting screw | | 2 | - - - -

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