70DB Noise Control Asphalt Hot Mix Plant Stepless Speed Change For Belt Feeding

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70DB Noise control hot mix asphalt plant with stepless speed change for belt feeding Controlsystem operation This item mainly includes the following contents: a. Electrify the system. b. Choose operating module of the system. c. Control start-up of the system. d. Set operation parameter. e. Manage the burner ignition procedure. f. Manage the start-up of cold hopper and adjustment of feeding quantity. g. Manage the elevation of finished product. h. Stop the system. The following content will illustrate the operation methods of each section separately. . Electrify the system Electrification of the system should be carried through according to the following steps strictly: Shut on the mains supply in on the distributing cabinet. The indicator light of power will be lightened, and the voltmeter will indicate the voltage of 380. Electrify all the air-break switches of each electromotor. Press the key switch on the control cabinet to electrify secondary circuit. Start the computer and enter the operation system. After startup, enter next step operation when the system works well. If there is any abnormality, Stop it and have it maintained by the maintenance man, and restart the system after the fault is eliminated. . Set the operation module Before operation, it is needed to choose the operation mode, and this system could work at any mode. Manual control for the panel operation. Automation for the panel operation. Automatic control for the computer interface operation. There is relevant selecting key of system operation mode on the control interface. Click the mode-control key with the mouse to start the relevant operation mode. The manual mode is mainly used for debugging and fault eliminating. During normal operation, Use the automatic mode mostly. . Start the control system. After finishing the upper steps, the control system begins to work. Firstly, Shut off the air-door controller of the exhaust fan to reduce the start-up current. Start up air compressor. Then, choose automatic start-up mode for electromotor on the control interface, and the electromotor will start up in sequence accordingly. The automatic process will complete the ordinal start-up of the following equipments: Mixer. Screen Aggregate bucket elevators. Filler bucket elevators. Secondary fan Dryer NO.2 belt conveyor NO.1 belt conveyor Filler screw conveyor Lime filler screw conveyor. Ash valve. Noumenon screw conveyor. Waste filler discharging screw conveyor. Sweeper valve of duster. Press the stop key, the system will be stopped according to the stopping order. Collective conveyor for asphalt mixing plant on cold feeding machanism(Raw aggregate) - - - - ITEM | Mechanism | PART NAME | QUANTITY | Spec | 1 | Collective conveyor | driving drum | 1 | | 2 | speed reducer | 1 | BWD13-17-7.5Kw | 3 | driving | 1 | P=25.4 | 4 | bearing | 2 | F90610 | 5 | chain | 1 | P=25.4 | 6 | driven sprocket wheel | 1 | P=25.4 | 7 | rubber roller | 2 | | 8 | lower support roller | | 76 L=895 | 9 | conveyor belt | 1 | B=800 L =45200 | 10 | driven drum | 1 | | 11 | bearing | 2 | K90610 | 12 | adjusting screw | 2 | | 13 | upper support roller | | 76 L=280 | - - - -

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