240 Ton Capacity Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant With Ready Bin Underneath Mixing Tow

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240 ton capacity asphalt batching plant with ready bin underneath mixing tower for saving areag Administration and operation of producing process Duringmanufacturing process of asphalt mixing plant,administration and operation of the system mainly contains the following sections: a. Informations that need to be monitored during producing process. b. Trouble suggestion for the peripheral equipment c. Type and store the data in real time during producing process Now, state the operation methods of each part separately . Information Monitoring On control panel and computer interface configure complete self-contained operation information, during work, offer the operator with real-time operation monitoring. Main information as follows: Cold feeder operation and feedrate display. Running simulation display of each electromotor. Temperature display of aggregate, asphalt, exhaust, and finished product, etc. Display of running states for duster collecting valve. Display of duster air door open-degree. Display of the current of each power take-off. Display of each discharging door. Display of burner running. Display of material level for hot bins and filler hoppers. Display of aggregate weighing. Display of filler weighing. Display of asphalt weighing. Display of total batches. Display of trolley moving. . clews for peripheral equipment fault: In this system,the computer has been stored with more than 200 fault hints, if the facility works normally it can check the going of every control valves and external electromotor. When there appears abnormality in external, the computer will indicate fault hints to make the operator judge the fault spot accurately. Notice When the computer indicates the fault, it is needed to send maintenance personnel to solve the trouble, and only after the fault alarm eliminated could production be continued. Type and store the data in real time during producing process: System may print the detailed data of each batch during producing, or print report forms in a lump after production finished. And metage data will be stored detailedly during production (for inquiring in future). at the same time the system have the statistic and storing function for total daily production output anddaily-used raw material. Vibration screen Introduction - - - - ITEM | Mechanism | PART NAME | Spec | QUANTITY | 1 | Vibration screen | screen mesh | 111701770 | 1 | 2 | screen mesh | 216301770 | 1 | 3 | screen mesh | 321701770 | 1 | 4 | screen mesh | 411701770 | 1 | 5 | screen mesh | 512701770 | 1 | 6 | spring | | 8 | 7 | spring bracket | | 8 | 8 | the tightener | | 24 | 9 | vibration exciter | | 1 | - - - -

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