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120T Finished product bin underlying type asphalt batching plant saving space and energy Cold feeder A. summarization Cold feeder is installed in front of mixer; it is used for purpose of storing diversified aggregate. Below each hopper, there is individual belt feeder, which feeds special quantity of aggregate to the long belt conveyor under hoppers according to the ratio. The feed quantity of belt feeder is adjusted through transducer timing electromotor and material gatage. The hoppers need to be checked through eyes for abrasion and damage, if necessary termly, and if necessary, carry out proper maintenance. B. Wall vibrator For the hopper filled with thin stone or sand, it is needed to install a wall vibrator to avoid discharging difficulty. The vibrator is a special electromotor, which has eccentric shaft to produce vibration, and it is controlled by time-adjust program. The parameter of vibration is presetted. Please consult to the manuals provided by relevant electromotor manufacturers for details. NOTICE Continuous and excessive vibration will cause damage for walls. C. Belt feeder adjustment Move the adjusting bolts, which installed at the two sides of tail roller, so as to adjust feeder belt. After adjustment finished, screw down the bolts anew. D. Replace the loop belt. During operation, if the belt of feeder or conveyor needs to be replaced, at first, shut off the power, and discharge all material as possible before replacement. Replacing sequence: . Place a proper take-up or stow-wood under the frame. . Loosen all tension bolts of rail roller, and remove roller bearings.. Remove bolts on the crossbeam, which is not driving side, then remove the beam, and the belt can be removed now. . Before mounting new belt, clean up splashed material on frame and roller.. Cover new belt to rollers and aim it at centerline of two rollers, and reconfigure in adverse sequence. . Before running, tighten and adjust the feeder. - - - - Name | Specification | Model QLB-X down-storage type | QLB-X1500 | QLB-X2000 | QLB-X 3000 | QLB-X4000 | Rated productivity | 120t/h | 160t/h | 240t/h | 320t/h | Volume/number of cold bin | 10m3/5 | 10m3/5 | 12m3/6 | 16m3/6 | Dust collection mode | 2 steps/2 stages(volute casing collector and bag filter) | Dust collect result | No more than 30mg/Nm3 Ringe-Imann grade 1 | Fuel | Diesel/heavy oil/coal powder | Diesel/heavy oil coal powder | Number of hot bin | 5 | 5 | 5 | 6 | Volume of hot aggregate bin | 50ton | 50 ton | 60 ton | 95 ton | Accuracy of aggregate weighing | Less than 1.0% | Less than 1.0% | Accuracy of powder weighing | Less than 1.0% | Accuracy of powder weighing | Less than 0.5% | Mixer ability KG/batch | 1500 | 2000 | 3000 | 4000 | Number of bitumen tank | 2 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Volume of bitumen tank | 30m3 | 50m3 | 50m3 | 50m3 | Ready silo volume(T) | 80 | 80 | 120 | 140 | Installed power(KW) | 320 | 450 | 625 | 820 | Control system | Full auto computer control(PLC+LED+mouse) | - - - -

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