Free Hand Protection Digital Security Door Lock Wth Magnetic IC Card Open ISO900

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Virtual Code Protection , Intelligent Door Lock , Magnetic IC Card Open , Imported Motor

Fingerprint Biometric Technology no longer exists just in the fantasy world. Everyday its applications become part of our daily lives. What could be more familiar than a door lock? We offer fingerprint technology that will benefit consumers. All at a great price!

We specialize in finger access biometric fingerprint recognition door locks that identify a user's fingerprint ridge pattern to create a binary number which represents certain points in the pattern. With this information, a user's finger is scanned and the fingerprint pattern is detected and used for access control through a keyless door lock.This biometric security keyless door lock system allows for complete keyless entry using only fingerprint authentication.

Our Fingerprint Door Lock Feature:
# # Zinc alloy die casting, retain strong, increase beautiful
# Zinc alloy die casting plate
# Solid frame, hard material, rust proof, anti oxidation
# Free hand protection, TENON humanized design
# Separated plate and lock body, dual anti-thief
# B lock core certification by China Ministry public security
# Suitable for wet and dry fingers, fingerprint peeling and fingerprint slight wear
# Durable and comfortable physical button password design
# Fingerprint system, verify quickly
# Special for project, cloud open
# High strength acrylic touch sensitive plate
# TENON independent researched and developed the TENSECU-P1 system, humanized management
# Support input 18 digits virtual password to unlock, useful
# Special for engineering
# Stable fingerprint sense technology, strong penetrate red light fingerprint sensor
# Fashionable kirsite to protect sliding cover, classic fingerprint sensor protect design
# Mechanical and physical keyboard keys, long life, durable and touch better
# Strong penetrate red light fingerprint sensor
# Comfortable physical keyboard password design,more kinds patent designs
# Mute mode function, multiple privilege assignment

Technical parameters

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Type | Project | Technology Parameter |
Working power | Rated voltage | DC4.8 ~6.5V |
Max working voltage | DC4.5 ~10V |
Warming of low voltage | 4.8V |
Power supply set | Standard match 4AA batteries |
Battery life | 10000 times |
Backup voltage | USB power supplier |
Fingerprint head | Definition angle of acquisition | 9.6mm9.6mm / 35mm17.5mm |
Touch face mask, induction card | Semiconducto |
Sensor | FPC1020AM / FPC1011F3 |
Resolution | 363DP |
Acquisition deflection angle | 45 |
Anti-static ability | |30KV| |
Electric property | Quiescent current | 40A(one mechine) |
Dynamic current | 140mA |
Peak current | 300mA |
Working temperature | -20~80 |
Relative humidity | 20%RH~95%RH |
False rejection rate | 0.1% |
False reception rate | 0.0001% |
Number of ssers | 80(Extensible) |
Validation comparison | 0.5S |
Contrast method | 1:N |
Memory period | 10 year |
Display | Screen area | 24mm12mm(A)/35mm17.5mm(B) |
Screen type | OLED |
Definition | 12864 |
Display Content | Operating procedures and results |
Working temperature | -20~80 |
Auxiliary function | Time function | Real-time Clock |
Record of unlock | The latest 1000 times open data recorders. |
Prying-resistance alarm function | It will alarm when the front plate serve deforms. |
Access control function | Set guests access time |
Unlocking function | In the state of unlocking |
Restore factory setting | Return interface operation to the factory setting. |
Voice function | Select voice or Mute mode |
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