Colorful 1000mm Trapezoidal Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine With Cr12 Cutting Bl

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Colorful 1000mm Trapezoidal Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine

With C r 12 Cutting Blade

Techniacl Specifiactions of TrapezoidalRoof Sheeting Roll Forming Machine

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Item | Trapezoidal Roof Sheet Roll Forming Machine |
Coil Material | Thickness | 0.3 - 0.8mm |
Coil width | Depend on Profiles, 1000mm or 1200mm or 1250mm |
Yield Strength | 250-350 Mpa |
Material | PPGI, SS, GI. |
Decoiler / Uncoiler | Uncoiler Type | Manual or Hydraulic or Auto Type |
Coil Width | Max. 1250mm |
I.D | 508-610mm |
O.D | Max. 1500mm |
Trapezoidal Roll Forming Machine | Forming Stations | 18 Stations ( Depend on Profiles ) |
Roller material | 45# steel, surface coated with 0.05mm hard chrome |
Diameter of shaft | 75mm |
Shaft material | High grade 45# steel |
Drive type | Chain transmission |
Forming speed | 0-15m/min |
Main power | 5.5KW |
Cutting To Length Device | Cutting type | Hydraulic cutting |
Cutting Die Material | Cr12Mov steel, HRC58-62 |
Cutting power | 3KW |
CuttingTolerance | 10m+/-1.5mm |
Encoder | OMRON Brand |
PLC Electrical Control System | PLC | PANASONIC Brand |
Inverter | YASKAWA Brand |
Touch screen | MCGS |
Operation type | Touch screen & Button |
Hydraulic Station | Hydraulic station | Famous Chinese brand |
Support Tables | Table type | Simple nonpower type |
Function | To support the finished panels |
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Main Components of Trapezoidal Roof Sheeting Roll Forming Machine

- - - -
Decoiler / Uncoiler | 1 Unit |
Feeding Guide | 1 Unit |
Trapezoidal Sheet Roll Forming Machine | 1 Unit |
Hydraulic Cutting System | 1 Unit |
Hydraulic Station | 1 Unit |
PLC Computer Control Box | 1 Unit |
Support Tables | 2 Units |
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Maintenance of Trapezoidal Roofing Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Daily maintenance plays an important role in extending the operation time and roof wall sheet roll forming machine ,the high quality finished roof wall panel. The following points should be part of the machine's daily production and usage routine.
# Regularly lubricated the outside parts of the trapezoidal roofing sheet roll forming machine, such as the driving chain...
# Regularly brush the surface of roller, particularly when working outside. If you do not use the trapezoidal sheet panel forming machine in a long time, you should apply luricating oil on the roller surface, make sure you clean it for next time running machine.
# If the trapezoidal roofing sheet roll forming machine is not operated in a long period, should cover it with plastic film, to avoid getting rain or dust on the machine, or avoid the machine becoming dampt, especially the PLC electric control board.
# Make sure the cutting system is lubricated when necessary.
# Check the Hydraulic station often and the oil quantity of the deceleration machines, add more oil if the oil level is low.
# Check the electric appliances box and every leads conjuction circumstance of the trapezoidal roof roll forming machine.

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