Automatically Size Changing Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine With Touch Screen 13

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Automatically size changing PLC Control Hydraulic Prec-cutting Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine with Touch Screen

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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine has three effects,support cables,protectcables and manage cables. Cable tray application in our country is only more than ten years, developed countries in Europe and the us is just a few decades. In a room project, rather than expensive, high-tech hardware and software, bridge appears very insignificant, also a little attention, but it plays an important role in the whole wiring project.

Main Specifications

1. Raw Material:Galvanized Steel Sheet

2. Material Thickness:0.8-2.0mm

3. Material Width:100mm-800mm(according to customer's request)

4. Voltage:380V/3phase/60Hz(as customer's requests)

5. Forming stations: 14 -20(as customers' requests)

6. Forming Speed: 8-15 m/min(not including cutting and punching)

7. Main Power: 22.5KW

8. Hydraulic cutting power:5.5KW

9. Weight of machine: about 13 Ton

10. Roll Material:GCr15 quench treatment

11. Shaft material:40Cr

12. Shaft Diameter: 65mm

13. Control System:Panasonic PLCwith touch screen

14. Cutting Tolerance:10m+-1.5mm

15. Warranty:first year free and lifetime services

Components for the Machine

1. hydraulic decoiler

2. sheet leveling equipment

3. punching machine

4. roll forming machine

5. cutting equipment

6. hydraulic station

7. PLC control system

8. run-out table

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