1.5 - 3mm Thickness Corrugated Sheet Making Machine , Interchangeable Steel Roll

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1.5 - 3mm Thickness C / Z Purlin Interchangeable Roll

Forming Machine With Hydraulic Flange Punching

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This machine provides significant improvements over other light gauge steel purlin currently available. Flexibility and design advantages allow architects, engineers, contractors and owners' exceptional versatility and performance characteristics not available with any other type of truss material. Our machine could update with the fashion for providing new design increases material efficiency, ease of fabrication, simplicity of erection, and improved safety of material handling. No matter for running business or for big construction, this machine will be good helper for you.

Our machine supports material thickness from 0.4-4mm light gauge steel truss with the full engineering technical data/specification. The machine is designed and pre-engineered by experienced, truss specialists using only the very latest software. Normally our machine could make truss for Indian, Australia, Egypt and other countries. The shapes of the truss are like furring hat shape, U shape, C shape, L shape and others.

Technical Specifictions

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Un-coiler (manual/automatic) | Weight Capacity | 3T |
Inner Diameter | 460-520mm |
Outside Diameter | 1400mm |
Coil width | Max 600mm |
Feeding and straightening device | Pinch rollers | one pair, up and down |
Straightening rollers | up three, down four |
Diameter of rollers | 75mm |
Roll Former | Frame type | single station |
Forming Roller stand | about 14 Groups |
Shaft material | First grade 45# steel, |
Shaft diameter | 75mm |
Roller material | GCr15 |
Drive Type | Chain of transmission |
Motor | 15KW reducer with frequency control |
Roll stand type | split type, two sides forming separately |
Size changing time | 15 min |
Automatic size changed by slide screw and angle gear which guarantee the complete synchronization and the material thickness is adjusted by eccentric distance of passive rollers. |
Punching | Type | Hydraulic |
Mould material | Cr12 |
Holes distance | Can be adjusted |
Cutting 1 Hydraulic cutter | Type | After-cutting, hydraulic |
Material of mould | Cr12Mov |
Cutting tolerance | 10M+/- 1.0 mm |
Cutting 2 Fly saw | option |
PLC cabinet | PLC | PANASONIC |
Length Controller | Encoder |
Operation | Touch Screen |
Inverter | Yaskawa |
Hydraulic station | Power | 5.5 KW |
Hydraulic pressure | 15Mpa |
Run-out Table | Non-power type | |
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