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Metal Dental Implants Crowns High Antioxidant Or Implant Abutments Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Surgical stainless steel is a specific type of stainless steelused in medical applications, and includes alloyingelements of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. Thechromium gives the metal its scratch resistance andcorrosion resistance. The nickel provides a smooth andpolished finish. The molybdenum gives greater hard- ness and helps maintain a cutting edge. Stainless steel is easy to clean and sterilize, strong,and corrosion resistant. Nickel/chrome/molybdenumalloys are sometimes used for implant abutments, but immune system reaction to nickel is a potentialcomplication. Surgical grade stainless steel can beused for temporary implant abutments but is not anideal materialof choice for permanent implantabutment. Comparison of the physical properties of different dental implant materials - - - - | Titaniumalloy grade 5 | CPT4 | Zirconia | Bone | Tensile strength (MPA) | 993 | 662 | 1000 | 104121 | Compressive strength (MPA) | 970 | 328 | 2000 | 170 | Modules of elasticity (GPA | 113.8 | 103 | 200 | 1015 | - - - - Nevins et al.s study on soft tissue healingusing Laser-Lok A prospective preclinical trial using a canine modelto compare Laser-Lok abutments to machined tita-nium abutment surfaces The study confirmed that the Laser-Lok abutmentsinhibited the apical migration of the junctional epithelium, prevented coronal resorption, and provided a connective tissue attachment On histologic examination the Laser-Lok design provided healing in a similar fashion to the naturaldentition. The connective tissue fibers healed perpendicular to the abutment surface demonstratingthe rationale behind Laser-Loks favorable soft tissue maintenance

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