Lock Dental Attachments Dentures Teeth With Strong Corrosion Resistance

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Lock Dental Attachments Dentures Teeth With Strong Corrosion Resistance Principle Inserted by removable joint pins of male parts , no need to consider sidearch , combine female parts and male parts together so that ensure to retentive. Function Supply accurate placement , resist to denture separating force. Indication Single or double teeth ended free deletion. Advantage of Easy Ball attachments 1.It embodies the latest level of the development of technology today, is a kind of efficient structure type, be effectively balance and offset a bit force from three-dimensional direction in mouth. 2. It can be flexible when processing , to adapt to the different condition of teeth and gums. Premise, combining to choose suitable material (e.g., CoCr alloy or soft material), can achieve the modernization of oral medicine in periodontal health, appearance and function, and many other requirements. 3. Perfect structure let it could place the basic components in the in special indications circumstances. The system is easy to use exceptions, function is very strong, patients can be easy and convenient to wear. 4. Widely used in planting areas. As the attachment can conduct physical force, thus avoid to excessive stress to implant base stations, to ensure the stability of the retainer of the implant superstructure.

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