PU/Rockwool/mineralwool/glasswool Sandwich Panel Curtain Wall Machine

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Curtain wall machine: This machine make the curtain wall panel with sandwich panel. Process: 1.The worker put the sandwich panel on enter conveyor rack. 2.The panel run into first disc cutting end device.The device cut the end of sandwich panel back steel sheet and internal rockwool with disc saw. 3.One thine knife closing the face sheet of sandwich panel cut off the internal rockwool and steel sheet. 4.With anther thin knife insert kerf to make strip rockwool clear. 5. The panel run into second device to stamping out two side of the face sheet of sandwich panel. 6. The panel run into third device to bend the end of sandwich panel. 7. The sandwich panel run continuously, the same devices would deal the other end of sandwich panel. 8.When the sandwich panel run out the Curtain wall machine. The two end had be bent. So get one Curtain wall panel.
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