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made for high solid coatings Paper Coating Chemicals with good effect on grinding Physicochemical property It is a colorless to light yellow transparent liquid with faint odor under ambient temperature, and dissolves with water and the other organic and synthetic solvents easily. Its chemical property is reactive, thus the product has easy hydrolysis and polymerization characters. Application It is mainly used as the blood plasma substitute polyvinyl pyrrolidone and mercapto pyrrolidone, and also as the dispersant agent for paper industry, dyeing assistant and oil paint additive. It is applied in the adhesive and color film producing. And it is also a kind of organic solvent with good behaviour, it dissolves with water, methanol, acetic ether, alcohol, dichloromethane, hydrocarbon. Using methods: 1. For special use, the most appropriate addition should be depended on the result pre-prepared for viscosity of serum- concentration curve or viscosity of serum- shearing strength curve. 2. Normal addition is between 0.15-0.5%. Product Properties: # # Good wet grinding dispersivity. # Prevent agglutination,sedimentation or agglomeration of calcium carbonate particle. # Low viscosity and good invariability for serum. # Can be made for high solid coatings. # Easy to operate and weigh. # Promote lustrousness and invariability of viscosity. # Save energy. advantages - - - - advantages of LDC 40 | lowerthe viscosity of calcium carbonate serum | prevent sedimentation | agglutination or agglomeration of calcium carbonate particle and so on | - - - - Specification: - - - - Item | Index | Appearance | light yellow transparent viscous liquid | PH value | 6-8 | Dynamic viscosity (25) | 50-500CPS | solid content % | 42 | Solubility | Completely soluble in water | - - - - Package: Transported by tank car, packed in 1MT or 200KG plastic drums. Our advantages: 1.More than 10 years experience 2.Leading technology 3.Through testing and research 4.High efficiency 5.Major supplier of paper chemicals in China Pulp & paper chemicals: Cationic color fixing agents Retention & filteration aids Sizing series Strength resin Coating chemicals(water resistant agents, dispersant, lubricant) Applications: for pulp and papermaking, paper making include cardboard paper and cultural paper, colored paper, autographic transfer paper, newspaper, etc. Company introduce: Wuxi Lansen Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of water treatment chemicals, pulp & paper chemicals and textile auxiliaries in China, with decades of experience in production, R&D, and application service. LANSEN manufactures products following ISO9001 quality standard, NSF certificate is also obtained for main products used in drinking water treatment. Products are widely accepted by customers locally and abroad, currently we export to over thirty countries and regions, including EU, USA, South America, South-east Asia, Middle East, Africa etc. Through years development, we now expand product range to other industry, such as cosmetic auxiliaries, quaternary salts, and intermediates. Applications: for pulp and papermaking, paper making include cardboard paper and cultural paper, colored paper, autographic transfer paper, newspaper, etc.

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