10mm Blue EPDM Rubber Granules , PU Synthetic Plastic Outdoor Sports Flooring

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10mm Blue EPDM Rubber Granules , PU Synthetic Plastic Outdoor Sports Flooring


1:Environmental-friendly, non-toxin, non-pollution and recyclable

2: All weather use; indoor&outdoor

3: Nice performance for aging; electrical insulation, corrosion and impact-resistant

4: Convenient to install and easy to maintain


Enviromeantal-friendly,anti-skid,excellent resilience


The top layer is heat- vulcanized honeycomb base, with special structure angled in the direction of running, which differentiates the bio- mechanical response-depending on the type stress generated by athletes.

The bottom layer has specially designed to boost vertical deformation, giving athlete a sense of comfort while training.

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Professional | IAAF certified, fully meet and reflect the athletes of the runway of the professional requirements. |
Safey | unique surface ribs and the bottom of the concave nest design provides a suitable shock absorption & energy loopback system, improving performance and ensures the movement security. |
Environmental protection | Eco- friendly, no smell, Non- Toxic, Recycled,the real physical and mental health of sports participants |
Excellent weatherability | with good acid rain resistance, alkali resistance, anti ultraviolet radiation, anti mildew capability |
temperature | - 40 to 90 |
Economic and durable | high cost can bring the maximum return, solid structure of the product provides guarantee to track and field of high frequency use |
Multi color effect | not dazzling multi color combinations, adding to the movement of beautiful, bring participants in the sport of pleasure. |
Convenient installation | prefabricated rubber track just need special adhesive |
indoor or outdoor | All weather use, Indoor & Outdoor, Provides Great Traction In Wet Conditions |
Maintenance free | no threshing off chip, with a self- cleaning performance, marking durability, just daily cleaning, no need of professional maintenance. |
warranty | 10 years, Extremely Maintenance Friendly, Normal rainfalls carry away the surface dirt |
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