PC AMERICA True Sine Wave Rack Mount Ups 6kva 4U For Servers

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PC AMERICA True Sine Wave Rack Mount Ups 6kva Double-Conversion For Servers


1,High Frequency On-line Ups 4-10kva
2,rack mount type
3,RS232, SNMP optional


Power Castle Rack mount Online HF UPS 4-10kva is a powerful product range with high adaptability and flexibility. Its specially designed for 110/120/127vac 60hz power grid, such as in America and Japan. Its cut-edge digital control technology of DSP (Digital Signal Processor), can greatly improve the product performance and system reliability, and deliver a compact integration with higher power density.

Perfect Application:

Network, data centre, servers and workstations, control system, communication system and office etc.

Main Features are below:

19' Rack-mount, 4U(height)

High frequency and dual conversion on-line technology

192VDC and 240vdc easy convertible by jumpers

Perfect failure protection and alarm function:

Rich Communication and Monitoring Features

Large LCD display and easy maintenance design

Advanced PFC technology parallel technology(N+1)

Self-diagnosis when UPS startup

AC starts and Cold startfunction (DC power on )

Automatically charging batteries in UPS off mode

Lightning and surge protections (surge energy rating 1050 Joules)

4 levels Fan speed automatically changes as load varies

Technical Specifications

- - - -
Model | PCA06R | PCA06RS | PCA3108R | PCA3108RS | PCA3110R | PCA3110RS |
Capacity(linear Load) | 6KVA/4.8KW | 8KVA/6.4KW | 10KVA/8KW |
Phase | 1/1phase | 3/1phase |
Input Voltage Range | 80V-148+/-5v | 155-260v+/-5v |
Input Frequency Range | 40~70Hz |
Output Voltage | 110/120/127V1.5% |
Output Frequency | 50/60Hz5Hz(line mode), 50/60Hz0.5Hz(battery mode) |
Output Voltage Tolerance | <5%(100% Load or without Load) |
Distortion | <3%(Linear Load); <5%(Non-linear load) |
Output Waveform | True Sine Wave |
Overload Capability | 105%~125%, 1Mins; 125%~150%30sec |
Battery Voltage | 192VDC(EXTERNAL) |
Charge Voltage | 220VDC |
Charge Current | Standard model 1.5A Long back model 4A |
Battery Type | Sealed Maintenance-Free Lead-Acid |
Batteries Q'TY | 16Pcs 12VDC or 20pcs 12VDC |
Standard Backup Time(Full Load/Half Load) | 5/12Mins |
- - - -

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