Automobile Furniture Fiberglass Air Filters G3 EU2 Wet Type Low Compressibility

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Automobile Furniture Fiberglass Air Filters G3 EU2 Wet Type Low Compressibility

Fiberglass Filter (Paint Stop, Floor Filter, Paint Arrestor)

DESCRIPTION: It is a high-arrestance filter made of high strength glass fiber with gradual density. Low compressibility keeps its shape and makes fiber purified air effectively. It can absorb the excess particles during paint-spraying operation and reducing pollution to the environment, makes the exhausted air more environmental-friendly and inner circulating air more clean.

APPLICATION: It's especially suitable for automotive/furniture paint spray booth, coating production line, etc, widely applied to filtration of high quality surface painting with the feature of high arrestance, high efficiency in absorbing extra particle during the course of painting, making air pressure more equally. It is a typical ecological material.

Speciality:Made of long fibreglass in non-woven way, large ventilation quantity, small resistance, god efficiency of the dust arrestance for the over-spray

High strength fibreglass increasing tructure; the windward side is green, the leeward side is white

Nonflammability, temperature resistance 170c

Outer frame may choose the paper frame, the galvanization ion frame, or aluminium alloy frame

Using:Applied to many industry such as pollution controlling, public construction, air-condition, electronic. pharmacy, food and so on.

Spray booth ceiling filters datasheet:

- - - -
Model | PA-50/60 | PA-100 |
Avg.arrestance(acc.EN779) | 92%-96% | 97%-99% |
Initial pressure drop | 15Pa | 20Pa |
Final pressure drop | 250 Pa | 280 Pa |
Dust holding at tested final | 0.7-1.5.m/s | 0.7-1.75.m/s |
Dust holding at final | 3200-3600g/m | 3600-4900g/m |
Temp.resistance, const | 170C | 170C |
Temperature short peaks | 190C | 190C |
Normal thickness | 50/60mm | 100mm |
Roll sizes standard | 0.8x20 1.0x20 2.0x20 | 0.8x20 1.0x*20 2.0x20 |
- - - -

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Can be customized according to your requirement

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