High Phosphorus Railway Brake Shoe Cast Iron HT200 Plain / Color Rail Parts

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High Phosphorus Railway Brake Shoe Cast Iron HT200 Plain / Color Rail Parts

Product Name: cast iron brake block

HS: 86082 9000

Brief introduction
Our cast iron brake block enjoys many advantages including hardness, impact strength and so on. It consists of two parts, the cast iron and the steel support. Both the surface and core of the cast iron have the hardness within the range of 197< HB< 255.
When facing subsequent impacts to the brake block or brake shoe, the steel support must remain intact and attached to the iron places. The connection bridge may possibly become detached but should not show any soundness defects. Separated from the brake shoe, the support must be able to withstand the bend test with cracking or breaking.

Chemical compositions of cast iron

- - - -
Main components | Proportion |
Carbon | 3.0-3.5% |
Phosphorus | 1.3-1.5% |
Silicon | 1.5-2.0% |
Sulphur | 0.1-0.15% |
Manganese | 0.5-0.8% |
- - - -

Chemical compositions of steel support

- - - -
Components | Proportion |
C % | < 0.13%, |
S % | < 0.062%, |
P % | < 0.062%. |
- - - -


The brake shoe are located on the wheel tread.
when braking, two pieces of brake block clamp the wheel to make it stop.


Test procedure
# # Vernier caliper or other methods are used to test the dimension of the brake block.
# Laboratory test

Specific gravity test: standard ASTM D 792 or equivalent method
Coefficient of friction test: Standard ASTM D 1894 or equivalent method
Hardness test: standard ASTM D 785 or equivalent method
Shear resistance test: standard ASTM D 732 or equivalent method
Press test: Standard ASTM D 695 or equivalent method
Bending test: Standard ASTM D 790 or equivalent method
Thermal properties test: standard ASTM D 177 or equivalent method

# # Wooden box
# In according with client's requirement


Composite brake shoe in different types

# # Composite material
# High friction composite brake shoe
# Low friction composite brake shoe

# # Composite friction material bearing high energy braking;
# High coefficient of friction and stability,
# Small heat fade for coefficient of friction,
# Temperatureinsensitiveness,

Produce a stench when tight.


Sale Rang
# # Rail fastening system
# Dog spike / Screw spike
# Bolt set
# Elastic clamp
# Rail anchor
# Rail shoulder
# Fish plate
# Tie plate
# Plastic / Rubber parts
# Brake shoe
# Steel rail
# New wood sleeper

Quotation necessity( the more, the better )
# # Drawing with full size ( front / side section / hole )
# Material
# Surface Treatment
# Order quantity

If you have any other models of rail/ rail fastener, welcome to contact me.
Contact: Lynn Lin ( SalerNo: suyu6 )

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