W Type Rail Flat Car Rail DC Voltage 36V Wireless / Line Control 50 Tons Load

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W type rail flat car rail power DC voltage 36V wireless or line control 50 tons load

KP series electric rail flat car DC voltage,aka cross-train,is an electric rail transport vehicle.It is widely used in industries such as railways,port,warehouse,heavy steel mills,machinery manufacturing,metallurgy,shipbuilding and so on.It is the cross-workshop,cross-goods stacking,cross-storage processing and material handling vehicles.

KPDZ series low voltage powered rail flat car uses low-voltage 36V rial power supply.Not using cables,it is not only safe but also heat-proof and smash-proof,and poses neither hindrance nor threat to cross-hauling,It is easy to implement control and automation,and can chhieve long diatance operation in the corners,roungabouts or even turnoffs,bring great convenience to the floor layout of transportation in the plant.

The Specification:

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Size&Specification | Vehicle Type | KPDZ -50 |
Rated load capacity(kg) | 50000 |
size(L*W*H)(mm) | 5000*2600*880 |
Mini off ground distance(mm) | 60 |
Inner rail gauge(mm) | 1435 |
Wheel diameter(mm) | 520 |
Motor parameters | Motor power(kw) | DC6.3 |
Speed(m/min) | 25 |
Voltage(V) | 380V36V48V |
Control mode | Wired or wireless remote control handle |
Transformer(KVA) | PDG-20J |
Electric Control | Electric control(Curtis,import from USA),AT,CVT |
Performance | Recommended steel rail | P43 |
Fixed stop(mm) | 5 |
OM | Safety protection:Induction type or touch type.Limitof the end of the rail:Electronic or machinery |
| |
| | | |
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The rail flat car has two kinds of control way:the line control or the wireless control,You can choose to use different remote control methods in different situations, to facilitate your operation, making your use safer and more efficient:

Brush DC power, through a step-down transformer, 380V industrial use of electricity is converted to 36V safety voltage, even touch will not on site operation personnel harm, by rail, car transformer again 36V AC voltage into DC voltage of 48V, drive motor.

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