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Semi convertible cab electric truck material transport vehicles BD-10D 10tons load

Battery electric delivery vans(referred to as electric vehicles for short)is suit for the material transport in the factory,warf,workshop,station, and so on.It is a widely used tool in handling modern mining,transportation and other sectors.It is pariticularly useful for place that need cleaning such as chemical,pharmaceutical,electronic industries.It is no pollution,low noise,no emissions

1. Our vehicles use the Green energy battery power supply,the Brand of the TorchLead acid battery,the best Battery of China.

2.We use the truck cab with perfect appearance,comfortable for operation.

3. Our vehicles use the import electronic control(CURTIS from USA),safe and high-efficiency.The AT transmission,easy for operated.

4.The DC electric motor,the truck driving axle,long lifetime.

5.Use the hydraulic sterring system,flexible sterring.

6.Vacuum power brake system can be configured,so the braking is very flexible

The Specification:

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Size&Specification | Vehicle Type | BD-10C |
Rated load capacity(kg) | 10000 |
Load table size(L*W)(mm) | 4500*1800 |
| |
Mini off ground distance(mm) | 190 |
Wheelbase(mm) | 3500 |
Motor parameters | Motor power(kw) | DC10/AC11 |
Free load speed(km/h) | 13 |
Full load speed(km/h) | 11 |
Max climbing ability(%*m) | 6*12 |
Battery capacity(Ah) | 620 |
Battery voltage(V) | 72 |
Performance | Tyre specification(front/rear) | 7.00-12/7.00-15*4 |
Control mode | Electronic control(import from USA) |
Steering mode | Machinert |
Braking mode | Hydraulic pressure |
OM | Vaccum brake assisted,Lithium battery,electric steering assisted |
DC transformer | 72V12V |
Cab type | Semi convertible cab |
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