Brand New Amphibious Excavators

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Brand New Amphibious Excavators
1.1 Brief Introduction

Amphibious Marsh Equipments are designed specially to meet the challenges of wetlands and soft-terrain by combining buoyancy with the maneuverability of a tracked vehicle. The most popular product is Amphibious Excavator, which is also named as Swamp Excavator, Swamp Backhoe, Marsh Buggy Excavator, Marsh Buggies, Amphibians, Amphibia Excavator, Dredging Excavator, Floating Backhoe, Marsh Excavator, Pontoon Excavator, Mud Buggy, Swamp Buggy Excavator or Swamp buggies etc.

On a conventional tracked vehicle, the tracks run on wheels and exert a high ground pressure. Without buoyancy, the machines will not operate in conditions that are unable to support the weight of the machine, as open water, marshes, swamps, or other soft terrains.

Different from the conventional undercarriage of the construction machinery, the undercarriage of an amphibious excavator or marsh buggy is built on two large steel pontoons with the tracks mounted around them. The pontoons create buoyancy, giving the machine capabilities between those of a barge and a regular excavator. The pontoons are custom fabricated for a particular machine to provide the correct displacement and balance to allow the machine to safely float and move on water or soft terrains.

SUNTON SE series of amphibious excavators range from 8 metric tons to 36 metric tons, 3600 pounds to 16300 pounds, in either a standard or extended long-reach boom configuration. They have the most floatation and the safest working record in the industry.

SUNTON amphibious excavators could easily get more versatile functions by changing with different upper or front parts, or kinds of attachments as cutter pumps, rock bucket, tilt bucket, skeleton buckets, clamshell buckets, fork grapple, grapple, high reach boom, demolition booms, materials handling attachments, orange peel grab and crusher etc.

1.2 Applications

Amphibious Equipments’ working conditions are mainly wetlands and soft terrains. Wetlands are areas where water covers the soil, or is present either at or near the surface of the soil all year or for varying periods of time during the year, including during the growing season. They can be saltwater, freshwater, or brackish. The most common categories of wetland are marsh, swamp, and peat bog. Soft-terrain is any ground condition that will not support traditional heavy equipment, even a person can't stand in that ground.

Wetlands and soft terrain is inaccessible to the conventional equipment designed to work either in deep water in the case of boats, or barges, or on firm ground as excavators, cranes or drill rigs etc, because water is too shallow or obstructed for water-based machines, and too soft for conventional heavy equipment. This unique challenge requires a different machine that both demonstrating the low ground pressure and performing heavy work in soft ground, wetlands, marsh and swamp. That is just what amphibious equipment or marsh equipment could do. They are specially designed and the pontoon undercarriage creates buoyancy, giving the machine capabilities between those of a barge and a regular excavator.

Amphibious Excavators mainly perform the heavy works as below:
√ Dredging projects as cleaning and maintenance of waterways as rivers, lakes, shorelines and river delta etc
√ Swamp marsh or wet terrain construction, Coastal restoration and landscaping.
√ Soil Boring and Levee & wet lands reclamation and development
√ Improving drainages in civil works
√ Environmental remediation and disaster recovery as flood protection and maintenance works or hurricane debris removal
√ Forestry transportation (including right of way clearing and marsh fire fighting)
√ Oil spill and contaminated sediment cleanup,
√ .Storage pit maintenance
√ Highway construction clearing
√ Oil and gas exploration & survey equipment transportation
√ Phone & cable and pipe line works
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